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note:  There are lots more towns in connecticut now.

ANDOVER parish contains parts of Hebron and Coventry and was incorporated as a town in 1848, the name is directly from Andover in Hampshire, England.

ANSONIA, incorporated in 1889, was named from Anson G. Phelps, senior partner in the firm of Phelps, Dodge & Co., which established the place.

ASPROOM, which means "high, lofty".

ASSAWOG, which means "place between".

BANTAM, cam from Peantum, "he prays or is praying".

ASHFORD, was incorporated in 1714 and was named from one of the numerous towns of that name in England.

AVON was incorporated from Farmington in 1830 and is from the British Avon, meaning a river.

BARKHAMSTED was incorporated in 1779, and was named form Barkhamsted in Herefordshire. 

BERLIN was incorporated from Farmington in 1785 and was named from Berlin in Prussia.

BETHANY, a parish of Woodbridge was incorporated in 1832 and is Hebrew meaning "house of dates" (fruit).

BEACON FALLS was incorporated in 1871 and taken from Bethany, Oxford, Seymour and Naugatuck, is descriptive.

BETHEL was incorporated from Danbury in 1855 and comes from the Hebrew "house of God".

BETHLEHEM was incorporated from Woodbury in 1737 and is Hebrew meaning "house of bread".

BIRMINGHAM borough was named from Birmingham, England.

BLOOMFIELD was incorporated from Windsor, Farmington and Simsbury in 1835, possibly came from an old Hartford family but originally it was an English town name meaning "blooming field".

BOLTON was incorporated in 1720 and was christened from six old English towns of the same name.

BOZRAH was incorporated from Norwich in 1786 and is from the Hebrew word meaning an "enclosure".

BRANFORD settled under New Haven jursidiction in 1644 and is derived from England.

BRIDGEPORT was incorporated from Stratford in 1821, and the name is as it is pronounced, a bridge port.

BRIDGEWATER parish was incorporated from New Milford in 1856 and was named from a bridge on the boundary.

BRISTOL was incorporated from Farmington in 1785 and was named from Bristol, England, meaning bridge place.

BROOKFIELD was incorporated in 1788 from New Milford, Danbury and Newtown.

BROOKLYN was incorporated from Pomfret and Canterbury in 1786 and was named as a society in 1754 from Brooklyn, New York, or brook-line.

BURLINGTON is from Bristol-Farmington in 1806 and is English.

CANAAN was incorporated in 1739 and is a Hebrew word meaning low land.

CANTERBERRY was incorporated from Plainfield in 1708 and is from English, town of the Kentish men.

CANTON was incorporated from Canton, China (sic).

CHAPLIN was incorporated in 1822 and was named from Deacon Benjamin Chaplin, a prominent citizen.

CHATHAM was incorporated from Middletown in 1767 and was named from Chatham, England.

CHESHIRE, a parish incorporated in 1836 and is from Chester, England.

CLINTON was incorporated in 1838 from Killingworth, probably comes from Governor Dewitt Clinton.

COLCHESTER was settled in 1701 and was named from Clinton, England.

COLEBROOK was named in 1699 and is from a poetical name of the United States.

CHEESECHANKAMUCK, the Eastern branch of the Farmington River, "great fishing place at the wier".

CHICOMICO, from she or che, "great" an komnk or comaco, "house" or "enclosed place". 

COBALE, from mines of cobalt.

COCOOSING, "where owls are".

CONNECTICUT, from Quonoktacut, "a river whose water is driven in waves by tides or winds", or "land on the long tidal river".

COWANTACUCK, "pine woodland".

CORNWALL, settled in 1740, is named from the southwest county of England, meaning Wales of the Cornavii.

COVENTRY, settled in 1700, was named in 1711 from Coventry in England.

CROMWELL, incorporated from Middletown in 1851, is from Oliver Cromwell.

DANBURY was settled in 1685 and was named in 1887, is from Danbury, England meaning a Dane City.

DARIEN was incorporated from Stamford in 1820 and is named from the Isthmus Darien or Panama.

DERBY was named in 1675 and is  English, meaning deer hamlet.

EASTFORD was incorporated in 1847 and means the east part of Ashford.

EASTON, meaning east part of Weston, and was incorporated in 1845.

ELLINGTONwas incorporated from East Windsor in 1786 from an English town name.

EN(D)FIELD was named and granted from Springfield in 1683, annexed to Connecticut, 1749.

ESSEX parish incorporated from Saybrook in 1854 and is an English county.
was settled in 1639 and is a name descriptive of the tract.  Fairfield is a town located in Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States. It is situated along the Gold Coast of Connecticut. Fairfield is a town of many neighborhoods, two of which -- Southport and Greenfield Hill -- are notably affluent. As of the 2000 census, the town had a total population of 57,340. In July 2006, Money Magazine ranked Fairfield the ninth "best place to live" in the United States, and the best place to live in the Northeast.
It considers itself the "dogwood capital of the world."
Fairfield is home to Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University.
was settled in 1644 and means farming town.

FRANKLIN was incorporated from Norwich in 1786 and is from Benjamin Franklin.

GLASTONBURY was incorporated from Wethersfield in 1690 and is from an English town.

GOSHEN was incorporated in 1739 and is from the Goshen in Egypt.

GRANBY was incorporated from Simsbury in 1786 and is from a town in England.

GREENWICH was settled by the Dutch in 1640 and is from a town name in England.

GRISWOLD, incorporated from Preston in 1851 and is a personal name, Governor Roger Griswold.

GROTON was incorporated from New London in 1704 and is the name of an English town.

GUILFORD was settled in 1639 and named in 1643 and is from Guilford, England, capitol of Surrey from whence came some of the Guilford folk.

HADDAM was incorporated from Haddam, England; (East Haddam 1734).

HAMDEN is from New Haven in 1786 and is named for Patriot J. Hampden, early spelling of town name.

HAMPTON was incorporated from Windham, in Pomfret, Brooklyn, Canterury and Mansfield, 1786 and was originally Kennedy parish; it is English

HADLYME is a combination of names of two townships in which it is situated, haddam and Lyme.

HAZARDVILLE named for Colonel Hazard, owner of powder works.

HIGGANUM, corruption of Indian work, Tomheganompakut, "at the taomahawk rock".

HOCKANUM, "hook-shaped" because of a change in course of river at this point.

HYMPHREYSVILLE named for Hon. David Humphreys.

HARTFORD was settled in 1635 and is named from Hertford, England (East Hartford, was incorporated in 1783.)

HARTLAND was incorporated in 1761 and is from Hart(ford)land.

HARWINTON was incorporated in 1737 is from (Har)tford, (Win)dsor, and Farming(ton).

HEBRON was incorporated in 1708 and is Hebrew, meaning enclosure.

HUNTINGTON was incorporated in 1789 and is either significant as hunting town or from Huntington, England.

KENT was incorporated in 1739 and is from a county in England.

KILLINGLY was incorporated in 1708 and is also believed to be English

KILLINGWORTH was incorporated in 1667 and was first Kenilworth from Kenilworth in warwickshire.

KONKAPOT is named for John Konkapot, chief of Stockbridge Indians.

LEBANON was incorporated in 1700 and is Hebrew meaning white.

LEDYARD was incorporated in 1836 and is named from Colonel and John Ledyard.

LISBON was incorporated from Norwich in 1786 and is from the Portugese capitol.

LITCHFIELD was incorporated in 1719 and is English meaning Lichfield, field of corpses, and place for burning heretics.

LYME is from Saybrook in 1667, and is named from Lyme, England. 

EAST LYME is from Lyme, was incorporated in 1839.

MADISON is from Guilford in 1826 and was named for President James Madison.

MANCHESTER was incorporated from East Hartford in 1823 and is English meaning a district camp.

MANSFIELD was incorporated in 1702 and is named for Major Moses Mansfield who owned part of the tract.

MARLBOROUGH was incorporated from Colchester, Glastonbury and Hebron in 1803 and is named from Marlborough, Massachusetts.

MERIDEN was incorporated from Wallingford in 1806 and was once an Indian "merry den".

MIDDLEBURY was incorporated in 1807 from Waterbury, Woodbury and Southbury and is named from its position relative to these towns.

MIDDLETOWN was incorporated in 1651 and is named from its position.

MILFORD was settled in 1639 from Yorkshire and Essex, England and is named from Milford, England.

MONROE is incorporated from Huntington in 1823 and is named from James Monroe.

MONTVILLE, incorporated from New London 1786 and means mountain village.

MASHAMOQUET means "near the great mountain" or "at the great fishing place".

MASHAPAUG means "standing water"

MASSAPEAG means "great water land".

MIANUS, corruption of name of Indian chief Mayanna, and means "he who gathers together".

MOODUS is contraction of Indian Machomoodus which means "place of noises".

MOOSUP is for Indian meaning "tidal river", hence "great river".

MORRIS was incorporated in 1859 from Litchfield, derives its name from James Morris.

NAUGATUCK was incorporated in 1844 in an Indian fish-place meaning "fork of river".

NATCHARIG means "land between" or "in the middle".

NAUBUC, is corruption of Indian upauk "flooded".

NIANTIC means "at the point of land on a tidal river".

NOANK is from Nayang or "point of land".

NEW BRITAIN was incorporated from Berlin in 1850 and comes from Britain.

NEW CANAAN was incorporated from Canaan parish in Norwalk and Stamford in 1801.

NEW FAIRFIELD was incorporated from Fairfield in 1740.

NEW HARTFORD was incorporated from Hartford in 1738.

NEW HAVEN was settled in 1638 and was named in 1640 from a town in England and is mothertown to Fair Haven.




NEW LONDON was settled in 1646 and was named from London, England in 1658.

NEW MILFORD was settled chiefly from Milford and incorporated in 1712

NEWTOWN was incorporated in 1711 and means new town.

NEWINGTON was incorporated in 1871 from Wethersfield and is from Newington, England.

NORFOLK was incorporated in 1758 and is from an English county.

NORTH BRANFORD is from Brandford in 1831.

NORTH HAVEN is from New Haven in 1786

NORTH STONINGTON is from Stonington in 1807.

NORWALK was incorporated in 1651, Barger says is "north walk"; other writers say it is so named because when purchased from Indians and northern boundary was to extend northward from the sea, one day's walk, according to the Indian way of marking distance.

NORWICH, was settled in 1660, chiefly by James Fitch's congregation from Saybrook, derives its name from Norwich, England.

ORANGE was taken from West Haven and Milford in 1822 and named from William of Orange, William III of England.

OXFORD was separated from Derby and Southbury, incorporated in 1798, and comes from the old English university town.

ONECO for the son of Uncas - Mohegan sachem.  ORANGE for William IV, Prince of Orange (sic)

PLAINFIELD was incorporated in 1699 and is apparently descriptive of a tract.

PLAINVLLE was incorporated from Farmington in 1869 and was originally "Great Plain".

PLYMOUTH was from Watertown in 1795, and is named from Plymouth, Massachusetts and that from a town at the mouth of the Plym river in Southern England.

POMFRET was named from Pomfret, England; old Pointe-fract, or "broken bridge".

PORTLAND is a descriptive name incorporated from Chatham in 1841.

PRESTON named in 1687 probably from New Preston, England.

PROSPECT was incorporated in 1827 from Cheshire and Waterbury and is named for its prospect.

PUTNAM was incorporated from Killingly, Thompson and Pomfret in 1855, and is named from General Israel Putnam.

PAHCUPOG is from Papke-paug, "pure water pond". 

PATTAQUONK "round place".

PAUQUEPAUG is from Papke-paug, "pure water pond".

PEQUANNOCK "land naturally clear and open".

POCHAUG, "where they divide in two".

POMMERAUG, "place of offering".

PONTOOSUC, "falls on the brook".

POQUETANUCK, "land open or broken up".

POQUONOC, "cleared land".

QUIDNIC, "place at the end of the hill".

QUINNEBAUG, "long pond".

REDDING (READING) was incorporated from Fairfield 1767 and is named from Colonel John Read, an early settler.

RIDGEFIELD, was incorporated from Woodbury in 1796, may be descriptive of rocks as in the case of Woodbury; or from Roxbury, Massachusetts.

ROCKY  HILL was incorporated in 1843 from Wethersfield, is named from one of its hills.

SALEM was incorporated from Colchester, Lyme and Montville in 1819, is Hebrew, meaning "peace"

SALISURY, was incorporated in 1741, and is named for a settler near the center.

SAYBROOK was settled in 1635 and is named from Lords Say and Brook.

SCOTLAND was incorporated from Windham in 1859 and was named by its first settler, Magroun, after his native country.

SEYMOUR was incorporated from Derby in 1850 and was named from Thomas A. Seymour, then governor.

SHARON was incorporated in 1739 and is Hebrew, meaning a plain.

SHERMAN was incorporated in 1802 from New Fairfield, was named from Roger Sherman

SIMSBURY was named in 1670 and incorporated in 1692 from Windsor, and was named from "Sim" (i.e. Simon) Wolcott.

SOMERS was incorporated by Massacusetts in 1734 and was named from Lord Somers and annexed to Connecticut in 1749.

SOUTHBURY is from south part of Woodbury, and incorporated in 1779.

STAFFORD was settled in 1719 and is probably named from Staffordshire, England.

STERLING was incorporated from Voluntown in 1794 and is named for Dr. John Sterling, a resident.

STONINGTON was incorporated by Massachusetts in 1658 means a stony town.

STRATFORD, was settled in 1639 and is named from Stratford, England.

SUFFIELD was southwest part of Springfield and was settled 1670 and annexed to Connecticut in 1749 an means south fields.

SOUTH WINDSOR was incorporated from East Windsor in 1845.

THOMASTON was incorporated in 1875 from Plymmouth, is named from Seth Thomas.

THOMPSON was incorporated in 1785 and is named from its chief early owner.

TOLLAND was named in 1715, north part being owned by Windsor men and is named from England.

TORRINGTON was incorporated in 1740, and is named from an English Village.

TRUMBULL (North Stratford) was incorporated in 1797 and is named from Jonathan.

UNION was incorporated in 1834 and means a union of lands.

VERNON was settled 1716 and was incorporated from Bolton in 1808.

VOLUNTOWN was given to volunteers in the Narragansett war and named in 1708.

WALLINGFORD was named in 1670 and is named from Wallingford, England.

WARREN was incorporated from Kent in 1786 and was named from Samuel Warren.

WASHINGTON was incorporated in 1779 and was named from General George Washington.

WATERBURY was named in 1686 and is a name descriptive.

WATERFORD is from New London in 1801, and is a name descriptive.

WATERTOWN was incorporated from Waterbury in 1780 and is a name descriptive.

WESTBROOK is from west part of Saybrook, and was incorporated in 1840.

WESTON was incorporated from west park of Fairfield in 1787.

WESTPORT was incorporated from Fairfield, Norwalk and Weston in 1835.

WETHERSFIELD was settled in 1834 and was named in 1637 from Wethersfield in Suffolkshire.

WILLINGTON bought by eight men in 1720 and was named from Wellington (English).

WILTON was incorporated from Norwalk in 1802 and is a town name in England

WINCHESTER was incorporated in 1771 and is a name of an English town.

WINDHAM was incorporated in 1692 and is named from Windham in Sussex, England

WINDSOR was named in 1637 and is from Windsor, near London.

WINDSOR LOCKS was incorporated in 1854 and is descriptive.

WOODBRIDGE was incorporated in 1784 and is named from Benjamin Woodbridge, it's first pastor.

WOLCOTT was incorporated from Southington and Waterbury in 1796 and is named from  Governor Oliver Wolcott.

WOODBURY was named in 1674 and means town of woods.

WEST HARTFORD is from Hartford, 1854.

WOODSTOCK was incorporated n 1690 and is named from Woodstock in England, a town near Oxford.
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