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Source:  Georgia Bible Records


Charles Strong to Jane Winfrey 4/12/1832
Charles Strong to Adaline Brooks 3/28/1844
John Hill Echols to Sarah Jane Strong 12/19/1854
Thomas H. C. Strong to Susan Jane Strong 12/19/1854
Thomas H. C. Strong to Susan A. Strong 4/16/1867
William Goldsmith Turner to Addie May Echols 1/19/1881
William Conyers Clark to Sarah Strong Echols 1/22/1885
George Pinckney Shingler to Adele Strong Turner 12/23/1908
Leila Pope Strong to Rufus L. Moss, Jr.  2/7/1898 Columbus, Miss.
Charles Strong to Susie Meriwether 11/2/1905 Montgomery, Ala.
Elisha Strong to Ann Scott Hill 7/24/1823

First Strong known of in America was William and wife Frances
Their only child was John.  His two children were Sarah, who married John Thompson and Charles who married Sarah Thompson.
Charles Strong
Jane Strong 10/21/1810
Sarah Jane Strong 11/4/1832
Ella Strong 4/4/1845
Susie Ada Strong 10/13/1846
Adline Kennon  5/10/1818
Charles Strong 1/8/1764
Elizabeth Strong, dau. of Charles and Sarah Strong 1/1/1787
William Strong, son of above, 9/1788
Elisha Strong, son of above, 2/11/1792
Sarah Key Strong 7/15/1795
Ann Thompson Strong 12/1/1797
Susan Strong 10/16/1799
Charles Strong 12/20/1802 (same child listed above)
Martha Strong, 11/7/1805
Nancy Strong 7/7/1814

Leila Pope Echols, dau. of John H. and Sarah J. Echols b. 3/5/1857
Anne Hill Echols, dau. of above, b. 3/30/1855
Addie May Echols  b. 12/23/1859
John Hill Echols b. 8/28/1861
Sallie Strong Echols b. 3/8/1863
Charles Henry Echols b. 2/8/1865

Ella Strong, dau. of T. H. C. and S. A. Strong b. 1/6/1870
Addie Hill Strong, dau. of Thos. H. C. and Susan A. Strong b. 3/31/1871
Adele Strong Turner, dau. of W. Y. and A. M. Turner b. 12/20/1881
Sarah Turner, dau. of above, b. 8/3/1883

William White Clark, son of William C. and Sarah S. Clark b. 5/30/1886
Watton Conyers Clark, son of above, b. 3/22/1889
May Belle Clark, dau. of above, b. 7/26/1894

Children of Elisha Strong and Ann Scott Hill Strong:
m. Rebecca Harris
Martin Luther
m. Georgia Hill
d. unmd.
Celeste m. Burwell A. Duncan
Gustavus Adolphus
d. unmd.
Charles killed in Pickett's charge at Gettysburg.
Thomas Hill Charles m. Susan A., dau. of Charles (Strong), the bro. of Elisha (Strong)
m. Richard L. Sykes.
d. unmd.

Children of Rufus L. Moss and Leila Strong Moss:
Elizabeth Luckie
b. 11/23/1898 m. Henry Harris 4/18/1925.  Their children:
Mary Emily b. 9/23/1926, d. unmd. 1967
Henry Moss b. 8/13/1929
Elizabeth Strong b. 2/27/1932 (m. William Gettys Carter)

Thomas Strong b. 10/19/1900, md. 1st Sarah Leslie 11/25/1924, div., child: Sarah Jane b. 7/16/1926
Thomas Strong b. 10/19/1900 m. 2d Ruby McMahan (Mrs. Wesley) b. 6/2/1905 m. 12/16/1937.  Their children: Patsy Anne b. 9/24/1928, Thomas Strong b. 4/10/1941.

(Rufus Lafayette IV b. 12/24/1902, dec., m. Blanche ____, had one son: Rufus Lafayette VI m. Sallye Jo___, two daus., Susan and Sarah)

Susan Strong (b. 12/3/1904 m. 1st Harry T. Daniel, Jr., 2d, Julian Deen Clement (no children)

Ella Strong
, dau. of Charles and Adline Strong 1/23/1864
William Henry Strong, son of Charles and Jane Strong, 4/29/1864
John Hill Echols, son of Wattro? and Ann Echols 1/10/1866
Ella Strong, dau. of Thomas and Susie Strong, 8/24/1870
Charles, son of Charles and Sarah Strong, 12/10/1870
Addie Hill Strong, dau. of T. M. C. and S. A. Strong 7/8/1872
Leila Pope Echols 6/8/1885
Sarah Jane Echols 7/9/1913
John Hills Echols 7/9/1913
John Hills Echols 9/9/1913
Willialm Goldsmith Turner 10/22/1902
Sarah Claude Turner ---
Adele Turner Shingler 9/17/1914
May Belle Clark Brookes 10/12/1918
Addie M. Turner  4/20/1920




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