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Macon County, Illinois
History & Genealogy


Austin Township
The Town of Austin was named for Benjamin R. Austin, a prominent citizen who surveyed and platted the site for the town, now city of Decatur
Blue Mound:
The Town and Village of Blue Mound, were so named from the two Mounds in the town, which, in the spring and summer-time, were usually covered by a profusion of blue flowers.

Town in Blue Mound: Boody
Formerly Austin Township
See the
1829 - 1929
Friends Creek:
.  It was named for the creek which flows through it. 
Friends Creek was also named for George Friend, a native of Ohio, who was the first settler on its banks and who built the first home in the township.
Towns in Friends Creek: Argenta & Dan Town or Newberg
The township is surrounded on the North by DeWitt County; on the East by Pitatt County; on the South by Whitmore Township; and, and the West by Maroa Township.
Harristown was named for Thomas Harris, an officer in the Mexican war, and of some prominence in public affairs.
In May 1860 the towns of Harris was changed to Harristown.

Town in Harristown: Harristown
Hickory Point:
Hickory Point was named from "Old Hickory" a popular name for President Andrew Jackson.
In May 1860 the Town of Hickory was changed to Hickory Point.

Towns in Hickory Point: Forsyth & Bearsdale
Illinois was a name borrowed from Indians, meaning Men.
The Town of Illini was detached from Harristown in February 1864 and was organized in April 1865, J. H. Pickerel being the first Supervisor.

Towns in Illini: Heman & Warrensburg
Now Niantic
Long Creek:
Long Creek was named from the length of the small stream traversing that district.
In February 1862, the Board detached from the Town of Long Creek the N. 1/2 of Sections 9, 10, 11 and 12 in Town 16 - 3 E and the N 1/2 of Sections 7, 8 and 9 in Town 16 - 4E, and added same to the Town of Oakley.

Towns in Long Creek: Long Creek & Casner
Long Point:
Now Niantic
Maroa was the name of a small section of the great Algonquin tribe of Indians.

Town in Maroa: Maroa
Milam is supposed to owe its name to the fact that the man who proposed its name was a grower of a variety of apples called Milam.
Milam was detached from Mt. Zion territory by resolution of the Board adopted September 1869.
Mount Gilead
It was five month after Macon County was formed before the site for the city of Decatur was chosen on July 7, 1829 and during those months, county officials met at the home of James Ward, just southwest of the Mount Gilead Cemetery.  Therefore Mount Gilead was the first county seat of Macon County, Illinois if only temporarily.

The Mount Gilead community was at the intersection of the old East  - West Springfield - Paris Road and the North - South Shelbyville Road, just South of the cemetery.

James Ward was an outstanding resident of the community, which consisted of a few scattered houses about the cross roads.  According to John W. Smith, author of the first Macon County history in 1876, Mr. Ward was born in South Carolina in 1792 and married in Kentucky.

Now some 143 (more now) later, Mount Gilead, once the Macon County seat, is marked by a cemetery and a road sign reading "Mount Gilead Road - Dead End."

Niantic, named for a town of that name in Connecticut from whence came a number of the settles in that vicinity.
The village of Niantic first bore the name Lockhart for Calvin Lockhart, the first settler in that neighborhood; afterwards the village was called Long Point, and later was known as Prairie City, but finally its present name was adopted.

Town in Niantic: Niantic
Oakley was a name chosen by settlers coming from a town of that name in Ohio.
See Long Point for additions to Oakley.

Town in Oakley: Oakley
Pleasant View:
Pleasant View was named from the splendid view of the surrounding country obtained from the tops of the Mounds therein.
The town of Pleasant View was organized in 1868 from territory taken from the Towns of South Macon and Blue Mound

Town in Pleasant View: Blue Mound
Prairie City:
Now Niantic
Whitmore was named for a family of that name who were among the first settlers in that district.  John Whitmore secured the first marriage license in Macon County, and married Delilah Miller in the month of June 1829.

Town in Whitmore: Oreana
South Macon:
The word South was prefixed to the name of the County to avoid confusion of the names.

Towns in South Macon: Macon & Walker
South Wheatland:
South Wheatland was naed by an admirer of President Buchanan whose home in Pennsylvania was named Wheatland.

Town in South Wheatland: Elwin

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