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Mortality Records
1850 - 1860

Name Sex Died from Age at Death Where Born Occupation Month Died Year Died
Abbot, Margaret S. F Bowel Inflamation 1 yr. Illinois   August 1860
Aubert, Henry M Typhoid Fever 12 yrs. Ohio   September 1860
Barret, Amanda F Unknown 27 yrs. Kentucky   February 1860
Beck, Melita F Typhus Fever 8 yrs. Illinois   September 1850
Bently, Oma M. F Brain Inflamation 4 yrs. Indiana   August 1860
Bresner, Willialm M Dysentery 2 mos. Illinois   August 1860
Brown, Charles W. M Scrofula 1 yr. Illinois   January 1860
Brown, Milissa J. F Croup 4 mos. Illinosi   April 1850
Bushert, Eli M Spine Affection 13 yrs. Ohio   May 1860
Bushfield, Hannah F Consumption 23 yrs. Ohio   August 1860
Butt, Ensley M. M Fever 1 yr. Illinois   October 1850
Cheever, Isadora F Dysentery 1 yr. Illinois   September 1860
Cleveland, William M Lung Hemorrhage 18 yrs. Indiana   March 1860
Creager, Margaret C. F Brain Inflamation 3 mos. Illinois   April 1860
Crowder, Mary F Consumption 25 yrs. Indiana   March 1860
Dawson, Cannon M Consumption 54 yrs. Delaware   May 1860
Ellis, Clisby M Typhus Fever 39 yrs. Tennessee Farmer October 1850
Fields, George A. M Mania Poter 39 yrs. Kentucky   November 1860
Fisher, Eleanora F Dysentery 1 yr. Illinois   September 1860
Forster, Samuel M Typhus 75 yrs. New York Shoemaker, Cordwainer September 1850
Foster, Sarah A. F Consumption 14 yrs. Illinois   February 1860
Furguson, Mahala F Brain Inflamation 1 yr. Illinois   May 1860
Graham, Harrison S. M Erysipelas 3 mos. Illinois   December 1860
Green, Caroline F Fever 18 yrs. Illinois   August 1860
Green, James M Typhoid Fever 21 yrs. Illinois Laborer September 1860
Green, William H. M Cholera 1 mo. Illinois   September 1860
Green, Willis M Diarrhea 1 mo. Illinois   September 1860
Hampton, Theophilus M Consumption 18 yrs. Kentucky   April 1850
Hampton, Thomas J. M Winter Fever 16 yrs. Kentucky   February 1850
Haney, Celia F Pneumonia 50 yrs. North Carolina   April 1860
Harris, Mary A. f Unknown 1 mo. Illinois   October 1850
Henderson, John B. M Typhoid Fever 85 yrs. Maryland Farmer June 1860
Hill, Emiline F Lung Fever 18 yrs. Illinois   May 1850
Hoggett, William J. M Brain Inflamation 1 yr. Illinois   January 1860
Hoofman, Jacob M Winter Fever 9 yrs. Illinois   January 1850
Hopkins, Willialm M Old Age 102 yrs. Maryland Ship's Master Carpenter April 1860
How, Jesse W. M Confestive 5 yrs. Illionis   August 1850
Howe, Merrit F. M Ague 1 yr. Illinois   October 1860
Hudson, Thomas J. M Unknown 4 mos. Illinois   November 1860
Hunt, Eliza F Cholera 1 yr. Illinois   September 1860
Hunt, Sheldon M Brain Congestion 3 yrs. Ohio   October 1860
Jones, Olive C. F Brain Inflamation 1 yr. Illionis   February 1860
Kellar, Nancy A. F Worms 9 yrs. Illinois   September 1860
Kellar, William A. M Cholera 3 mos Illinois   September 1860
Kelly, Edward A. M Pneumonia 1 yr. Illinois   May 1860
Kester, William M Lung Hemorrhage 49 yrs. Ohio Farmer February 1860
Lavely, Elizabeth F Erysipelas 64 yrs. Virginia   October 1860
Lee, Emeline F Consumption 35 yrs. Tennessee   September 1850
Lee, Rees M Scrofula 44 yrs. Tennessee   December 1850
Lee, William H. M Feve 10 mos. Illinois   March 1850
Lee, William R. M Brain Inflamation 48 yrs. Tennessee Lawman, Policeman March 1860
Livsey, Mary F Unknown 23 yrs. Tennessee   November 1850
Martin, James B. M Liver Disease 3 yrs. Illinois   September 1860
Martin, Malinda F Cholera 10 mos Illinois   July 1850
McLeane, Oliver H. P. M Unknown 4 mos. Illinois   November 1860
Meeker, Sarah H. F Goiter 36 yrs. New Hampshire   May 1850
Miller, _____ M Unknown 2 mos. Illinois   November 1860
Mills, John M Erysipelas 45 yrs. South Carolina Farmer April 1860
Monroe, Andrew M Croup 2 mos. Illinois   March 1850
Monroe, James M. M Unknown 1 yr. Illinois   September 1860
Monson, George F. M Droup 2 yrs. Illinois   December 1860
Monson, Martha A. F Croup 4 yrs. Illinois   November 1860
Moreland, James M Unknown 2 mos. Illinois   January 1860
Morgan, Patsy M. F Conjestive 4 mos. Illinois   December 1850
Nazworthy, Margarett F Croup 4 mos. Illinois   March 1850
Parsons, William M Poisoned 28 yrs. Massachusetts   June 1860
Pea, Daniel M Pneumonia 65 yrs. Kentucky Farmer January 1860
Poore, James M Dropsy 57 yrs. Kentucky   May 1850
Powers, John H. M Bowel Inflamation 5 mos. Illinois   May 1860
Purvis, Mariah F. F Winter Fever 1 yr. NG   March 1850
Sargent, Temple G. M Sore Throat 12 yrs. Ohio   June 1860
Sawyer, Alise F Typhoid Fever 7 yrs. Kentucky   December 1860
Scott, Permelia J. F Brain Fever 1 yr. Illinois   September 1850
Selby, Mary F Measles 20 yrs.  Indiana   January 1850
Sims, Thomas M Consumption 21 yrs. Illinois Carpenter, Joiner April 1860
Smyser, Henry B. M Pneumonia 1 yr. Illinois   December 1860
Soward, Marion B. M Croup 3 mos. Illinois   February 1860
Staley, George F. M Croup 4 yrs. Illinois   April 1860
Stephens, Henry H. M Fever 25 yrs. Kentucky   March 1850
Swineheart, Sarah F Fever 10 mos. Illionis   September 1850
Thayer, Mary J. F Measles 3 yrs. Maryland   April 1850
Townsley, Emily F Dyspepsia 29 yrs. Pennsylvania   January 1850
Traylor, Phebe F Not Given 39 yrs. Kentucky   September 1850
Vadekin, Mary F Fever 3 yrs. Michigan   October 1850
Wade, Elizabeth F Winter Fever 40 yrs. Virginia   December 1850
Waggoner, Charles H. M Croup 1 yr. Illinois   December 1860
Waggoner, Mary E. F Chills 3 mos. Illinois   September 1860
Wagoner, Emma F Chills 63 yrs. North Carolina   August 1850
Walker, Crittenden E. M Brain Inflamation 6 mos. Illinois   December 1860
Waters, Sandy M Pneumonia 1 yr. Illinois   March 1860
Weir, Amy F Winter Fever 28 yrs. Tennessee   March 1850
Weir, James M. M Winter Fever 28 yrs. Tennessee   April 1850
Welton, John M Brain Inflamation 1 yr. Illinois   November 1860
Weston, Eliza J. F Typhoid Fever 23 yrs. Indiana   April 1860
Wheeler, ____ M Unknown 8 days Illinois   January 1860
White, William M Measles 32 yrs. Ohio Farmer October 1860
White, William B. M Scarlatina 1 yr. Illinois   November 1860
Wilkinson, Sarah M. F Pneumonia 1 yr. Illinois   August 1860
Wilson, Andrew A. M Fever 1 yr. Tennessee   November 1850
Wilson, Eliza F Liver  55 yrs. Tennessee   August 1860
Wilson, Robert M Cosumption 64 yrs. England Farmer January 1860
Woolen, Nancy B. F Bowel Inflamation 1 mo. Illinois   April 1860




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