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Union Soldiers who have Died in Rebel Prison
ANNAPOLIS, MD., Feb. 8, 1865
(As extracted from Genealogy Bank)
Transcribed by Sharon Wick

Source: New York Herald-Tribune -
Dated: Feb. 16, 1865
     The following is a list of Union Prisoners who died in Second Ward, Fourth Division General Hospital No. 21, Richmond, Va. furnished by John H. Corley, Co. K., 8th New York Heavy Artillery, Ward master of Second Ward.

W. D. Taylor, Co. E, 34th Mass, died Nov. 17, 9of Pneumonia
S. W. Evans, Co. A, 1_th  N. H., died Nov. 28 of diarrhea.
Daniel O'Neill, Co. H, 59th N. Y., died Dec. 17, of debility.
Ludwig Ling, Co. C, 59th N. Y., died Dec. 26, of pneumonia
James Nolan, Co. C, _4th Conn. died Dec. 26, of ana_____
R. Raymond Co. M. 2d Ohio Cav., died Jan. 9, 1865, of pneumonia
Thomas Conley, Co. I, 93d N.Y., died Jan. 17, 1863, of bronchitis.
Reuben Walters, Co. H, 6th Mich. Cav., died Jan. 20, 1865 of debility
James McGaw, Co. H, 2026 Pa., died June. 20, 1865, of pneumonia
Abner Abott, Co. A, 8th N.Y. Cav., died Jan. 20 died of aidema?
Samuel Evans, Co. L, 6th Va. Infantry, died Jan. 22, 1865, of diarrhea.
G. F. Coffman, Co. B, 6th Va. Cav., died Jan. 23, 1865, of diarrhea.
Wilson Bugbe, Co. A, 11th Mich. Cav., died Jan. 27, 1865, of Ph___.
James Stevens, Co. C?, 5th N.Y. Heavy Art., died Jan. )) , 1865, of debility.
     The following is a list of Union Prisoners who died in General Hospital, No. 21, Richmond, Va., (Third Ward, Fourth District, from Nov. 1, 1864, to Feb. _, 1865, furnished by James Swift, Co. C, 9_th N.Y. ___ of YOnkers, Westchester County, N. Y., Ward Master of Third Ward:
James Stone (farmer, aged 37), Co. H, 96th N.Y., died ___ 5, from wounds.
Charles Pataquick(brass founder, aged 32), Co. H, 89th N.Y., died Nov. 8, from wounds.
Hiram Hombeck (cooper, aged 33), Co. G, 176th N. Y., died Nov. 15, of diarrhea.
Jacob Rosser?, (blacksmith, aged 24), Co. K, 11th West Virginia, died Nov. 17, of fever.
Martin Taylor, (laborer, aged 41), Co. D, 40th N.Y., died ___ 20 from wounds.
Corp. Harvey Shepherd (farmer, aged 20), Co. B, 14th N. H. died Nov. 21, of diptheria.
Andrew Elliott (blacksmith, aged 38), Co. E, 10th N.Y., died Nov. 26, of diarrhea.
John  Linder (farmer, aged 21), Co. F, 34th Ohio, died Nov. 2_, of typhoid fever.
James Taylor (farmer, aged 21), Co. IL 93d N.Y., died Nov. 29, of typhoid fever.
Charles F. Robinson (farmer), Co. G, 1st Mich. Cav., died Dec. 5, of typhoid fever.
Lahar Friedricks (molder, aged 21), Co. E, 11th Conn, died Dec. 5, of typhoid fever.
Ward Samson (farmer, aged 60), Co. C, 26th Mass., died Dec. 19, of Hmorrhoids.
Strickland Meigs (farmer, aged 21), Co. M, 11th Va., died Dec. 19, of bronchitis
Edward Connoly (blacksmith, aged __), Co. G, 14th Pa Cav. died Dec. 22, of diarrhea.
John Savage (farmer, aged 5_), Co. A, 34th Mass., died Dec. 25, of diarrhea.
James Cough (farmer, aged 24), Co. E, 22d Pa. Cav., died Dec. 2_, of rheumatism.
Corp. John Weeks (seaman, aged 24), Co. F, 170th N.Y., died Dec. 14 of tonsilitis
Levi __kert (laborer, aged 30), Co. D, 1st N.C., died Jan. 1, 1865, of diarrhea.
Isaac M. Clem (farmer, aged 23), Co. G, 11th Va., Art. died Jan. 7, 1865, of diarrhea.
George W. ___ (farmer, aged 29), Co. E, 1st Del. died Jan. _, of pneumonia.
Abram Allen (laborer, aged 35), Co. G, 3d N.J. Cavalry, _died Jan. _, of bronchitis.
William Miller (farmer, aged 34), Co. L., 1st Mass Cavalry, died Jan. 21, of diarrhea.
John Anderson (farmer, aged 26), Co. L, 6th WestVa. Cavalry, died Jan. 30, of diarrhea.
Thomas Ferry (farmer, aged 40), Co. H, 1st West Va. Cavalry, died Jan. 30, of dysentery.
Barzelio Hopkins (farmer, aged 36?), Co. I, 4th N. J., died Jan. 31, of deb__ty
August Raxwall (laborer, aged 28), bugler, Co. E, 13th N. Y. Cavalry, died Feb. 1, of diarrhea.
Henry Perkins (farmer, aged 26), Co. M, 1st Mich, died Feb. 1, of Scorbutis?
Burk Decomore? (farmer, aged 20), Co. H, 1st Va. Artillery, died Feb. 4, of diarrhea.
William Shuttleorth (farmer, aged 43), Co. A, 1st Va., died Feb. 4, of diarrhea.
William Camelon (farmer aged 20), Co. D, 1st Va. died Feb. 4, of diarrhea.



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