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Groom Where from Bride Where from Intend Marr. Entd Married on Comments
Lambly, Patrick of York Chase, Mary of York Apr. 24, 1779   (erasure)
Langdon, Jonathan of Lebanon Fernald, Elizabeth, Miss of Kittery   (See Note 5)  
Langdon, Paul, Capt. of York Treadick, Abigail S., Miss of York Nov. 13, 1824 Dec. 24, 1824* *Certificate issued (Joined in marriage Dec. 26, 1824 by Ch's O. Emerson, JP)
Langton, Joseph of York Grant, Theodosia of York Sep. 17, 1791    
Langton, Samuel, Jr. of York Libby, Olive of Kittery July 15, 1786    
Langton, Timothy of York Leighton, Abigail of Kittery Dec. 8, 1792    
Lassel, Bartholomew of Arundell Horne, Charlota of York June 5, 1788 (no data)  
Leach, John of York Simpson, Mary of York Nov. 18, 1786    
Leach, William of York Varrill, Jenny of York May 30, 1801    
Leavit, Joseph of York Mcintire, Dolle of York Jun. 13, 1789 Aug. 9, 1789 by Rev. Saml. Langton
Leavitt, Alpheus, Mr. of York Preble, Susan Jane, Miss of York Jan. 1, 1828 Jan. 26, 1828 *Certificate issued - Md. Jan. 27, 1828 Signed at York, Apr. 11, 1828 by Thomas W. Duncan - a true copy Attest by Alex McIntire, Town Clerk
Leavitt, James See Note 8 of York Emerson, Mary, Miss of York Nov. 11, 1826 Dec. 9, 1826* *Certificate issued
Leighton, John of Kittery Donnell, Joanna of York Dec. 12, 1788 Jan. 8, 1789 by Rev. Isaac Lyman
Lewis, Dimon of York Payne, Ruth of York Dec. 6, 1805    
Lewis, Francis of York Donnell, Hannah of York Aug. 21, 1784   (erasure)
Lewis, Jeremiah of York Blaisdell, Ellila of York Sep. 6, 1783    
Lewis, Joseph of York Trafton, Hulda of York Apr. 15, 1785   (erasure)
Lewis, Joseph of York Lewis, Elizabeth of York Jun. 24, 1801    
Lewis, Josiah of York Walker, Meribah, Miss of York Jan. 10, 1825 Feb. 23, 1825* *Certificate issued
Lewis, Peter of York Bracey, Hannah of York Nov. 15, 1804    
Lewis, Samuel of York Bragdon, Dorothy of York Jan. 8, 1796 Feb. 4, 1796 by Mr. Daniel Lord __
Lewis, Samuel of York Ramsdell, Lucy of York Nov. 14, 1801    
Lewis, Simon of Kittery Pay[ne?], Mary of York Jan. 20, 1803    
Lewis, Timothy of York Bragdon, Dorcas of York Dec. 1, 1800    
Lewis, William, Jr. of York Conway, Miriam of Kittery Nov. 18, 1791    
Lindsey, Joseph of York Harmon, Olive of York May 24, 1794 Jun. 22, 1794 by Rev. Isaac Lyman
Linscott, Jeremiah of York Ote, Sarah of Kittery Dec. 6, 1794    
Linscott, Josiah of York Kingsburry, Sarah of Kittery Jul. 24, 1790 (no data)  
Linscott, Stephen of York Elwell, Mary of York Feb. 15, 1799    
Linscott, William of York Kingsbury, Anne of York May 9, 1799    
Linscot, Samuel of Littlefalls Beedle, Lucy of York Nov. 8, 1788 Dec. 29, 1788 by Rev. Isaac Lyman
Linscot, Samuel of York Kingsbury, Mary of York Feb. 4, 1775 Feb. 23, 1775 Revd. Saml. Langton
Linscot, Samuel of York Nowell, Nancy, Miss of York Sep. 11, 1824 Mar. 5, 1825* *Certificate issued
Linscot, William of York Mcintire, Susanna of York Feb. 25, 1775 Mar. 14, 1775 Revd. Saml. Langton
Linscott, Samuel of York Lord, Susanna of Berwick Jul. 4, 1795    
Linscott, Benjamin of York Abbott, Mercy of York Jun. 9, 1792    
Linscott, Theodore of York Bean, Dorcas of Yrork Nov. 25, 1785   (erasure)
Littlefield, Abraham of Wells Chick, Hannah of York Nov. 11, 1769   (erasure)
Littlefield, Abraham of Wells Moulton, Susanna of York Mar. 28, 1786   (erasure)
Littlefield, Alcutt of York Littlefield, Bethulah of Wells Dec. 19, 1797    
Littlefield, Alpheus of Wells Swett, Sarah of York Sep. 8, 1797   (erasure)
Littlefield, Alpheus of Wells Seavey (Sevey), Olive (Mrs) of York Jul. 4, 1827 Jul. 24, 1827* *Certificate issued - Recorded Apr. 7, 1828 by Theodore Wilson, JP - Copy Attest: Alex. McIntire, Town Clerk
Littlefield, Alpheus, Jr., Mr. of York Bowden, Charlotte, Miss of York Aug. 27, 1827 Sep. 26, 1827 *Certificate issued - md. Sep. 27, 1827 - Signed at York on Apr. 30, 1828 a true copy - Attest Moses Dow, A true copy of the orig. Attest Alex. McIntire, Town Clerk
Littlefield, Amos of Wells Weare, Sarah of York Feb. 15, 1793 Apr. 14, 1793 by Rev. Isaac Lyman
Littlefield, Benjamin of Wells Perkins, Tabitha of York Jul. 27, 1792 Nov. 15, 1792 by Revd. Mr. Isaac Lyman.
Littlefield, Daniel of Wells Perkins, Sarah of York Dec. 8, 1770   (erasure)
Littlefield, David of Wells Moulton, Hannah of York Oct. 7, 1786 Feb. 8, 1787 Revd. Isaac Lyman
Littlefield, Ebenezer of Wells Swett, Hannah, Jur of York Oct. 11, 1793 Nov. 2, 1793 by Rev. Mr. Isaac Lyman.
Littlefield, Ebenezer of York Perkins, Lucy of York May 11, 1804    
Littlefield, Ephraim of Wells Perkins, Lydia of York Feb. 13, 1779    
Littlefield, Ephraim of York Willson, Mary of York Dec. 17, 1784   (erasure)
Littlefield, Ephraim, Jun. of York Wilson, Tabatha of York Feb. 13, 1807    
Littlefield, Israel of Wells Winn, Eunice, Miss of York Oct. 30, 1824 Nov. 18, 1824* *Certificate issued
Littlefield, John, Jr.  of Wells Parsons, Miriam of York Apr. 15, 1780   (erasure)
Littlefield, Joseph of York Perkins, Polly of York May 30, 1788 Sep. 24, 1788 by Rev. Isaac Lyman
Littlefield, Joseph of Wells Moulton, Nelle of York Oct. 12, 1793 Nov. 14, 1793 by Rev. Mr. Isaac Lyman
Littlefield, Nicholas of Wells Neal, Hannah of York Nov. 25, 1797
Littlefield, Samuel, Mr. of York Jacobs, Huldah, Miss of Wells Jan. 4, 1828 Jan. 26, 1828 *Certificate issued
Littlefield, Solomon of Wells Hutchins, Theodosia, Miss of York Sep. 13, 1824 Oct. 28, 1824* *Certificate issued (Solemnized ___ 28, 1824 by Moses Dow.  York. Apr. 30, 1825 - A true Copy - Attest. Charles O. Emerson, Town Clerk)
Littlefield, Timothy of wells Banks, Lydia of York Nov. 16, 1782   (erasure)
Lolly, Samuel of York Austin, Olive, Miss (or Mrs) of York Jan. 7, 1826 Oct. 4, 1826* *Certificate issued
Lord, Benjamin of York Welch, Dorcas of York Dec. 14, 1771 Jan. 2, 1772 Revd. Saml. Langton
Lord, Daniel of Kittery Moulton, Abigail of York Oct. 9, 1772   (erasure)
Lord, Humphry, junr. of Berwick Leavitt, Lydia of York Apr. 15, 1797    
Lord, Jeremiah of York Stover, Margere of York Apr. 6, 1785   (erasure)
Lord, John of York Junkins, Clarissa of York Apr. 18 ____   Attested by Moses Dow Apr. 30, 1823 & Charles O. Emerson, Town Clerk
Lord, Nathan of Berwick Junkins, Catharine of York Jun. 12, 1772 Jul. 30, 1772 Revd. Saml. Langton
Lord, Temple of South Berwick Bragdon, Phebe Ann P. (Mrs.) of York Jul. 2, 1823 Jul. 17, 1823* *Certificate issued
Lord, William   Ramsdelll, Percia   Apr. 27, 1823*   *Solemnized (Signed by Solomon Brooks, Apr. 3, 1824 - Attest by Charles O. Emerson, Town Clerk
Lord, William of York Ramsdell, Persia, Miss of York Mar. 18, 1823 Apr. 25, 1823* *Certificate issued
Lowe, Edward, Jun. of York Curtis, Patience, Mrs. of York Dec. 7, 1808   Married by the Rev. Rosewell Messenger
Lowe, John of York Grow, Eunice Jul. 12, 1808     Joined in Marriage by the Revd. Rosewell Messenger.
Lowe, Joseph of York Verrell, Sukey of York Oct. 11, 1805    
Lunt, Daniel of York Banks, Hannah of York Feb. 23, 1776   (erasure)
Lunt, Henry of York Grant, Philomalea of York Sep. 11, 1784   (erasure)
Lyman, Isaac, Esqr of York Pickering, Lucretia, Miss of Portsmouth Feb. 14, 1806    


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