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List of Members
with their Residences
of the
First Congregational Church
and Society


Advertiser and Tribune Company

First Congregational Church
Corner of Fort and Wayne Streets,

Residence:  Westside of Cass Street, bet. Fort and Lafayette Streets.
SABBATH SERVICES: - 10 A.M. and 7 P.M., in Winter;
and 7 P.M. in Summer












Commitee on Strangers.




Sittings in the Church may be obtained by calling on Francis Raymond No. 130 Jefferson Avenue.


First Congregational Church.


Acker, Betsey Ann, Mrs. 70 Griswold street, H. 100 Farmer street
Acker, Samuel (Pension Agent, 70 Griswold street, H. 100 Farmer street
Adams, Caroline, E., Mrs.  
Adams, Isabella, 31 Congress street west
Adams, Josiah, Jackson, Mich.
Adams, Laura S., 31 Congress street west
Adams, Nancy, Mrs., 102 Howard street
Adams, Sarah F., Mrs. 31 Congress street west
Adams, Thos. K., (Bookseller, 90 Wood. Av.), 31 Congress street west.
Alden, Augusta M., Mrs. H. 11 Lewis street
Alden, John M. (Physician) H. 11 Lewis street
Angell, Sarah M., H. 92 Adams avenue west
Avery, Mary H., Mrs. 58 First street
Backus, Juliana T., Mrs. 330 Fort street weset
Baker, Emily C., Mrs. 162 Fourth street
Baker, Henry E. (Editor Advertiser & Tribune) H. 162 Fourth Street
Baldwin, John H. 60 Miami avenue.
Baldwin, Lyman (Merchant) 88 Wood, avenue, H. 60 Miami avenue
Baldwin, Mancy, Mrs. H. 60 Miami avenue.
Barnard, Mary J., Mrs. 63 Fort street west
Barnard, Sherman S., 63 Fort street west
Barnum, Lucretia, Mrs. 108 Cass street
Barrows, S. S., 38 Henry street
Bates, Mrs. 224 Randolph street
Beard, Robert R., 7 Porter street
Beebe, Abigail, Mrs., Illinois
Bell, Clarissa E., Mrs. 61 Adams avenue west
Bell, Daniel F., 61 Adams avenue west
Bellows, Jane A., Mrs.  
Bigelow, Charles,  
Bigelow, Joseph G., Tennessee
Bissell, Melisient W., Mrs., 101 Fort street west
Blackader, John, Windsor, C. W.
Blackader, Martha, Mrs. Windsor, C. W.
Bostwick, Henry E. (Salesman, Campbell, Linn & Co.,) 17 Howard street
Bostwick, Sophia A., Mrs. 17 Howard street
Brooks, Caroline, Mrs. Fort and Fourth streets
Brundage, Harvey,  
Burnell, Elizabeth E., Seventh & Congress streets
Burroughs, Louisa L. (Teacher, La Fountain School)  
Bushnell, Hannah H., 46 Congress street west
Butler, Chas W., Chicago
Carlisle, Charlotte, Mrs. 459 Woodward avenue
Carlisle, Frederick (U. S. Custom House), 459 Woodward avenue
Carpenter, Alida, Mrs., 48 Miami avenue
Carver, David (Merchant Tailor 132 Jefferson avenue) 60 Congress street, west
Case, Caroline M.  
Case, Sidney C.  
Chaney, Lucian C., 101 George street
Clark, Edwin M. (Shoe Dealer, 125 Jefferson avenue), H. 26 Macomb street.
Clark, Eliza D., 107 Farmer street
Clark, Ellen R., Mrs. 17 Lewis street
Clark, Gardner K. (with C. F. Clark) b'ds Russell House
Clark, George H. (Shoe Dealer, 125 Jefferson avenue), H. 26 Macomb street
Clark, Mary, Mrs. 26 Macomb street
Clark, Susan A., Mrs. Springwells
Clough, Eliza A., Mrs. 30 Montcalm street
Coe, Adelaide E., 95 Fort street west
Cook, Celestia A., 47 Lafayette street west
Cook, Marietta, Mrs. 47 Lafayette street west
Cook, William, 47 Lafayette street west
Cowles, Rhoda, 102 Michigan avenue
Crafts, Myron H., California
Craig, P. A., Mrs. No. 1 Alfred street
Crossman, Caroline 316 Congress street east
Crossman, Charles, New York City
Crossman, Lucy, Mrs. 316 Congress street east
Crossman, Martha, 316 Congress street east.
Crothers, Minerva, Mrs., Delavan, Ill
Davidson, Ellen, Mrs. 22 Miami street
Dolsen, Emily J., Mrs. Seventh and Congress streets
Duncan, Louisa,  
Duncklee, Lydia L., 198 Congress street east
Duncklee, William S., 198 Congress street east
Ellmore, Mrs. Fort and Trowbridge streets
Farrell, Catherine 202 Second street
Farrell, Catherine H., Mrs., 202 Second street
Field, Sarah A., Mrs. 104 Elizabeth street
Fisher, Esther, Mrs. 302 Brush street
Foster, Joseph, Mrs.  
Gilbert, Ann C., Windsor, C.W.
Gilbert, George (D. & M. R. Road) 208 Seventh street
Gore, Harriet L.  
Gray, Emily R., 224 Congress street west
Griffith, John H. (Duggist, 106 Jefferson avenue), H. 52 Fort street west
Griggs, Frances E., 54 Congress st. west
Griggs, L. Lavonne, 54 Congress st. west
Griggs, Lucy E., Mrs., 54 Congress st. west
Griggs, Stephen (Physician), 54 Congress st. west
Hackett, Abbey, Mrs., 300 Howard street
Hall, Edmund (Lawyer, Rotunda, Griswold street), H. 56 Adams street, east
Hall, Eliza,  
Hall, Emeline C., 56 Adams street, east
Hall, Sarah, Mrs., 92 Adams avenue west
Hammond, Isabella, 48 Park Place
Hammond, Rachel J., Mrs. 48 Park Place
Hammond, Sereno P., 48 Park Place
Harter, Catharine, Mrs. 266 Lafayette street west
Hawley, Caroline B., 58 First street
Hawley, Lucy A., 58 First street
Hebbard, C. B. (Insurance Agent, 70 Griwold street), boars at Michigan Exchange
Henry, Farrand D. (Lake Survey), 111 Congress street, east
Hibbard, Sarah M., 95 Fort street west
Hickok, Wm. H.  
Hinsdale, Edwin C. (Lawyer, Larned and Woodward avenue), H. 143 Fifth street
Holbrook, Harriet B., 267 Sixth street
Holman, Mrs.  
Holman, S.  
Holmes, Eliza A., Mrs. 151 Congress street
Holmes, Eliza, Mrs. 123 Congress street east
Holmes, Emeline W., Mrs. 123 Congress street east
Holmes, Jabish (Commission Merchant, foot of Wayne street), H. 133 Congress street east
Holmes, Silas M. (Commissionn Merchant, foot of Wayne street), H. 151 Congress street east
Hoyt, Harriet M., Mrs. 32 Winder street
James, John (Howard Merchant, 30 Woodward avenue), H. 39 Washington avenue.
Jones, Adeline, Mrs. 59 Howard street
Jones, Edward D. (Blacksmith) 59 Howard street
Kanady, Harriet B., 132 Cass street
Kellogg, Emily C., 739 Woodbridge street
King, Elizabeth, Mrs. 89 Washington ave.
King, Frances C. 89 Washington ave.
King, Robert W., (Crockery Merchant, Wayne street and Jefferson avenue), H. 89 Washington ave.
Kinney, Euretta A., Mrs.  
Klein, Savilla, Mrs. 255 Jefferson avenue
Knapp, Avery  
Lane, George M. (Commercial Editor, Advertiser and Tribune), H. 70 Miami avenue
Lane, Mary P. L., Mrs, 70 Miami avenue
Lane, Minot T., 70 Miami avenue
Lawrence, Gertrude M., 221 Congress street east
Lawrence, Mary A., Mrs. 221 Congress street east
Leonard, John J. (Insurnce Agent, 126 Jefferson avenue), boards at Tremont House.
Mather, Delia, 38 Centre street
McBain, William  
McCrae, (Insurance Agent) Windsor, C. W.
McCrae, Elizabeth, Mrs. Windsor, C. W.
McGuire,, Margaret Windsor, C. W.
McKenzie, D., 69 Monroe avenue
McKinzie, Mrs. 69 Monroe avenue
McManman, Elizabeth  
Mellus, Celia, Mrs., 76 Fort street, east
Mellus, Christian (Saw Manufacturer), 76 Fort street, east
Messinger, A. M., Mrs., 100 Cass street
Messinger, Mary Jane 100 Cass street
Miller, Frances, Mrs., Westchester Co., New York
Moir, Jennie M.  
Moir, William, Mr.  
Monroe, Huldah A.  
Motherwell, Isabella, 503 Jefferson street
Nall, Arthur A., Milwaukee
Nall, Ida A., Mrs., Milwaukee
Nall, Isabella F., Mrs. H. 399 Jeff. ave.
Nall, James, Jr. (Dry Goods Merchant, Woodward avenue and Larned street) H. 399 Jeff. ave.
Niblo, Clara  
Niblo, Jane A., Mrs.  
Oxnard, John E. (Richardson's Match Factory), H. 231 Lafayette street west
Oxnard, Maria, Mrs. H. P., 231 Lafayette st. west
Palmer, Addie S., Waukesha, Wisconsin
Palmer, Calvin D., Waukesha, Wisconsin
Parrish, Hannah j., Mrs. Woodward avenue
Parrish, Lee (Insurance Agent, 127 Jefferson avenue), H. Woodward avenue.
Parsons, Ann Eliza, Mrs. 460 Woodward avenue
Parsons, Philo (Office 81 Griswood street), H. 460 Woodward avenue
Partridge, Minerva Woodward avenue
Partridge, Timothy L. Woodward avenue
Pease, Thomas H. (Robinson & Brooks' Office), Jefferson avenue and Griswold street
Pierce, Albert D. (Root & Barbour, 46 Woodward avenue), H. 61 Adams avenue west
Pierce, Caroline B., Mrs. 61 Adams avenue west
Pond, Harriet L., 21 Madison avenue
Porter, C. Helen, Mrs., 140 St. Antoine street
Porter, Eliza G., Mrs., 290 Jefferson avenue
Prouty, Catharine, Mrs.,  171 Cass street
Prouty, William, 171 Cass street
Randolph, Jane, Zelienople, Penn.
Raymond, Francis (Bookseller, 130 Jeffeson avenue,) H. 141 Larned street east.
Raymond, Ruth, Mrs., 141 Larned street
Redfield, A. H. (City Controller), 516 Jeff. avenue
Richardson, D. M. (Match Factory, Eighth street), H. 179 Lafayette street west
Richardson, Ellen L., Mrs., 179 Lafayette street west
Robertson, James (Blacksmith), H. 13 Plum street.
Robertson, Janet, Mrs.,  
Robertson, Margaret, 13 Plumb street.
Robinson, Martha, Mrs.  
Robinson, Martha, Mrs. Fort and Seventh street.
Robinson, Ruth, Fort and Seventh street.
Robison, Mary, Mrs., 122 Howard street.
Rockwood, Cynthia, Mrs. Ohio
Roys, Eliza J., Mrs., 68 McComb avenue.
Russell, Emily L.., Mrs., 60 Miami avenue.
Safford, Lucretia 149 Congress street east
Safford, Mary, Mrs. 149 Congress street east
Sandford, Thos. (Insurance Agent), 126 Jefferson avenue, H. 80 Columbia street west.
Scripps, Harriet J., Mrs., H. 43 Howard street.
Scripps, James E. (Editor Advertiser and Tribune), H. 43 Howard street.
Seldon, Joseph G., Clark's Dry Dock.
Sheaver, Lavinia, 89 Washington avenue.
Smith, Emma C., Wood avenue and Brady st.
Smith, H. C., Mrs.  
Smith, H. C., Mrs.  
Smith, Jane H., Mrs. Wood avenue and Brady st.
Smith, Ralph C. (Land Agent), 68 Griswood street, H. Woodward avenue and Brady street,
Standart, Mary M., Mrs., 29 Rowland street.
Stebbins, Theodore, 26 Congress street west
Steevens, Sears (Lawyer), Rotunda, Griswold street, H. 94 Cass street.
Stetson, Sarah, Mrs., H. 41 Second street.
Stetson, Turner (Blacksmith), M. C. R. R.), H. 41 Second street.
Stevvins, Edwards, California
Stewart, Sarah  
Stoddard, Olivia, Mrs.  
Sutherland, Maria, Mrs.  
Sutherland, Olivia M., 89 Congress street east.
Sutton, Joanna, Mrs.  
Swift, Frederick W. (Richardson's Match Factory) H. 121 First street
Swift, Mary A. B., Mrs., 121 First street.
Tarbell, Frances J., Mrs., 235 Woodward avenue.
Tarbell, Lydia B., Mrs., 45 Wsahington avenue.
Thompson, Alice, Mrs. Wood avenue.
Thompson, Oren C. (Clergyman),  Wood avenue.
Thompson, Oren C., Jr.,  Flat Rock
Torrence, James, Little Rock, Arkansas.
Town, Mary H., Mrs.  
Town, Reuben.  
Tuttle, Nancy, Mrs., 101 St. Lawrence street.
Tyler, Rowland G. (Grocer),  Randolph and mIch. ave.
Van Tine, Almira, Mrs., 151 Congress street east
Walker, Charles I. (Lawyer), Larned street and Woodward avenue. H. 19 Fort street west
Warner, Frances I., Mrs., H. Larned and Brush streets.
Warner, Harriet, H. Larned and Brush streets.
Warner, Helen, H. Larned and Brush streets.
Warner, Martha S., H. Larned and Brush streets.
Warner, William (Bridge and Iron Works), H. Larned and Brush streets.
Watson, Andrew (D. & M. R. R.),  H. 71 Adams avenue east.
Watson, Isabella, H. 71 Adams avenue east.
Wells, Barent, V. B., 18 Winder street
Wheaton, Adela M.,  Fairhaven, Conn
Wheaton, Fannie J., Mrs., 107 Fort street west
Wheaton, William W. (Wholesale Grocer, 14 Woodward avenue), H. 107 Fort street west.
White, Edward H.  
White, Thomas (Sailmaker, Griswold and Atwater streets), H. 255 Thompson street
Wilkins, Alice G., H. 63 Washington avenue.
Wilkins, Alvan (Broker, 24 Larned street west), H. 63 Washington avenue.
Wilkins, Charlotte, Mrs., H. 63 Washington avenue.
Woodbridge, Dudley B., Grosse Point
Woodbridge, Martha J., Mrs., Grosse Point
Wright, Frances C., Mrs., 68 Howard street.

Members of the First Congregational Society.

Adamson, F. C. (M. C. R. Road)  
Avery, E. S. (Western  Brewery), H. 58 Fist street.
Barnum, J. W. (Broker), H. 108 Cass street.
Belknap, J. (Pork Packer, 19 Woodbridge street), H. 50 Madison avenue.
Bissell, A. E. (Forwarding and Commission, foot of First street), H. 101 Fort street west.
Bissell, E. W. (Salesman), 101 Fort street west.
Boylan, James N. (office 108 Adams avenue), H. 8 Moncalm street west.
Brooks, N. W. (Lumber Dealer, 471 Woodward street west) H. Fort street and Fourth
Butler, W. A. (Banker, 68 Griswold street), H. 81 Fort street west.
Carey, C. H., H. 92 Miami avenue.
Clark, James (Cooper), H. 12 Howard street.
Clark, John P. (Dry Dock), Springwells.
Craig, W. H. (Real Estate Dealer) 37 Wood avenue.
Farrington, B. F., H. 132 Howard street.
Fletcher, G. N. (Lumber Merchant), H. 536 Jefferson avenue.
Folsom, Simeon (Wool Dealer, 90 Woodward avenue), H. 90 Washington avenue.
Grout, J. R. (Copper Smelting Works), H. 50 Fort street west
Hackett, R. J. (Hacket & Monaghan, 127 Woodbridge street west), H. 300 Howard street.
Harter, L. F. (Book - Keeper, Daily Post), H. 266 Lafayette west.
Hoyt, W. C. (Lawyer, 127 Jefferson avenue), H. 32 Winder street.
Kent, Charles A. (Lawyer, Walker & Kent, No. 1 Waterman's Block), H. 143 Fifth street.
Latrhop, J. (White & Lathrop), boards 239 Woodward avenue.
Marvin, Russell (Merchant, 161 Jefferson avenue), H. 48 congress street west.
Messinger, H. H.,  H. 100 Cass street
Mott, J. T., 130 Lafayette street west.
Murphy T. (Engineer), boards 144 Larned st. east.
Pond, A. (Lawyer, Rotunda, Griswold street), H. 21 Madison avenue.
Porter, F. B. (Editor Advertiser and Tribune), H. 140 Antoine street.
Pratt, H. L. (Chair Factory),  b'ds Mich. Exchange.
Prouty, Fayette (Grocer, 71 Grand River street) H. 171 Cass street.
Robison, R. D., 122 Howard street.
Roys, James A. (Bookseller, Larned and Griswold streets), H. 68 Macomb avenue
Standart, J. G. (Hardware, Standart & Bro., 81 Woodward avenue), H. 20 Rowland street.
Swift, H. T. (Druggist, Woodward ave.), Swift & Bro.
Tarbell, G. S. (Wholesale Grocer, M. W. Field & Co., foot of Griswold st.), H. 235 Wood ave.
Tarbell, J. G. (Salesman, 75 Woodward avenue), H. 45 Washington street
Tefft, William H. (Hardware, 44 Woodward avenue), H. 175 Lafayette street west.
Whitwood, D. C. (Agent Woodville Coal Co.), H. 49 Elizabeth street west.
Williams, G. O., H. 136 Congress street west.
Williams, N. G. (Brewer, Woodbridge and Fourth sts.), H. 49 Fort street west
Winter, Geo. (Hatter, 250 Jefferson avenue), H. 16 Beaubien street.






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