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An Enclyclopedia of Useful Information, and a
Compendium of Actual Facts
It contains
A Condensed History of the State of Missouri and its Chief Cities -
St. Louis, Kansas City and St. Joseph; Its pioneer Record,
War History, Resources, Biographical Sketches, General
and Local STatistics of Great Value, Portraits of
Prominent Citizens, and a
Large Amount of Miscellaneous
Matters, Incidents, etc.

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Amick, F. F. 682 Jackson
Amick, Peter 507 Franklin
Anderson, Henry M. 533 Marion
Anderson, J. B. 731 Jefferson
Anderson, William, Jr. 648 Wilson
Arnold, Nathan 682 Jackson
Ashbrook, Jacob 508 Franklin
Ashbrook, William 731 Jefferson
Asher, Solomon 611 Lincoln
Bain, Jesse 613 Lincoln
Bain, P. W. 614 Lincoln
Bainter, Daniel 579 Madison
Baldwin, William 576 Madison
Barnes, Josiah 578 Madison
Barnes, William W. 578 Madison
Barnett, Robert 536 Marion
Beckner, A. 534 Marion
Belshe, J. C. 321 Trenton
Bennett, William 692 Myers
Berry, D. R. 694 Myers
Berry, Daniel M. 692 Myers
Berry, James E. 693 Myers
Berry, Lewis O. 694 Myers
Berry, Thomas B. 534 Marion
Belshe, R. N. 535 Marion
Bevens, James 535 Marion
Biggs, Aaron 713 Harrison
Blow, James 615 Lincoln
Boon, Presley 731 Jefferson
Booran, P. C. 662 Taylor
Botsford, John Jacob 577 Madison
Boyce, R. P. 713 Harrison
Brainerd, Isaiah 612 Lincoln
Brandom, Charles P. 576 Madison
Bratton, David 732 Jefferson
Briegel, Valentine 615 Lincoln
Brittain, Francis M. 693 Myers
Brittain, James G. 694 Myers
Brown, C. K. 616 Lincoln
Brown, D. C. 714 Harrison
Brown, J. A. 732 Jefferson
Brown, J. H. 714 Harrison
Brumit, Thomas 732 Jefferson
Buchanan, A. H. 716 Harrison
Bunnell, James S. 707 Liberty
Buren, John O. 616 Lincoln
Bushong, John & Mark 714 Harrison
Cabell, R. H., M.D. 536 Marion
Callison, H. C. 733 Jefferson
Campbell, A. J. 683 Jackson
Campbell, Hercules 684 Jackson
Campsy, John 322 Trenton
Carpenter, G. D. 617 Lincoln
Clark, G. W. 539 Marion
Coble, Joseph 539 Marion
Coleman, William T. 695 Myers
Callison, H. C. 733 Jefferson
Collier, William 321 Trenton
Collins, William E. 733 Jefferson
Cook, Eli A. 508 Franklin
Cooksey, William 695 Myers
Coon, Nathan M. 509 Franklin
Cornwell, Alfred T. 618 Lincoln
Cornwell, R. B. 617 Lincoln
Craig, John I. 673 Wash.
Crawford, Benjamin P. 716 Harrison
Crawford, H. C. 684 Jackson
Cullers, C. H. 717 Harrison
Curran, William H. 579 Madison
Curtis, W. L. 733 Jefferson
Custard, J. R. 617 Lincoln
Daugherty, H. 324 Trenton
Davis, Henry K. 619 Lincoln
Delano, George E. 323 Trenton
Dennis, George W. 620 Lincoln
Delano, P. Z. 324 Trenton
Denslow, W. V. 509 Franklin
Devaul, Philip C. 510 Franklin
Dickinson, L. C. 542 Marion
Dillon, William B. 541 Marion
Dobbins, Thomas 540 Marion
Doerr, Andrew 322 Trenton
Doty, John 543 Marion
Duff, James B. 696 Myers
Dunlap, Freeman 323 Trenton
Dunlap, William 541 Marion
Duskin, Henry 663 Taylor
Elmore, Samuel W. 324 Trenton
Evans, Augustus 685 Jackson
Evans, Columbus M. 685 Jackson
Faucett, J. L., Mrs. 511 Franklin
Fenner, W. C. 544 Marion
Fleshman, Lewis S. 543 Marion
Ford, B. M. 325 Trenton
Ford, Benjamin F. 697 Myers
Ford, John B. 696 Myers
Froman, John D. 580 Madison
Fulkerson, T. P. 580 Madison
  PAGE Twp.
Gannaway, William T. 582 Madison
Garriott, John W. 697 Myers
Gates, Calvin 621 Lincoln
Gates, Cyrus 620 Lincoln
Gates, William P. 581 Madison
Gay, Samuel 733 Jefferson
Gill, B. B. 325 Trenton
Goodrich, George S. 734 Jefferson
Gose, William D. 717 Harrison
Graham, John M. 582 Madison
Graham, William 583 Madison
Griffith, George 326 Trenton
Grubbe, W. B. 663 Taylor
Gulley, Mason 584 Madison
Hammond, H. J. 650 Wilson
Hard, T. M. 328 Trenton
Harris, Warren 328 Trenton
Hart, Alson A. 512 Franklin
Hart, Selah 545 Marion
Harvey, Absalom 585 Madison
Harvey, William C. 584 Madison
Haynes, Aaron 621 Lincoln
Hendrickson, James F. 622 Lincoln
Hendrickson, T. J. 622 Lincoln
Herbert, Henry O. 329 Trenton
Herbert, J. S. 622 Lincoln
Hill, Philip 545 Marion
Hill, S. R. 546 Marion
Hoisington, William V. 718 Harrison
Hoskins, C. D. 546 Marion
Hossom, R. W. 623 Lincoln
Hubbell, George H. 326 Trenton
Hudson, A. L. 665 Taylor
Hudson, John M. 697 Myers
Humphreys, Marshall, Judge 544 Marion
Israel, R. A. 624 Lincoln
Jones, Mary, Mrs. 624 Lincoln
Kackley, Jacob H. 586 Madison
Keith, N. W. 512 Franklin
Kelso, Hiram A. H. 625 Lincoln
Kelso, S. J. 625 Lincoln
Kennedy, R. V. B. 673 Taylor
King, W. C. 547 Marion
Kinsley, Daniel 547 Marion
Laird, Samuel H. 734 Jefferson
Lee, A. J. 330 Trenton
Lee, Elling 548 Marion
Lee, Margaret 718 Harrison
Leeper, James 330 Trenton
Legg, Bourter 627 Lincoln
Lehew, B. F. 330 Trenton
Lewis, Henry S. 665 Taylor
Long, Charles 626 Lincoln
Longfellow, C. H. 735 Jefferson
Low, Benjamin 698 Myers
Lowen, J. L. 627 Lincoln
Luke, Thomas 331 Trenton
M'Cammon, William 586 Madison
M'Clain, G. W. 686 Jackson
M'Clalin, William H. 686 Jackson
M'Clure, W. A. 666 Taylor
M'Cracken, William A. 700 Myers
M'Cready, George J. 332 Trenton
M'Keen, E. R. 628 Lincoln
M'Lain, W. S. 331 Trenton
M'Laughlin, J., Dr. 515 Franklin
Mack, J., Elder 685 Jackson
Macy, Seth 735 Jefferson
Marshall, J. S. P. 628 Lincoln
Martin, William P. 629 Lincoln
Masters, Burl 589 Madison
Maxson, J. E. 719 Harrison
Meek, James H. 666 Taylor
Merryman, Benjamin F. 651 Wilson
Merryman, John H. 651 Wilson
Metcalf, Amos C. 588 Madison
Metcalf, Moses R. 548 Marion
Metcalf, William 587 Madison
Miller, H. B., Dr. 653 Wilson
Miller, Jesse 590 Madison
Miller, Wm. H. 735 Jefferson
Miller, William P. 590 Madison
Mock, Wm. 549 Marion
Montgomery, H. C. 515 Franklin
Moore, George F. 549 Marion
Moore, James G. 516 Franklin
Moore, John 513 Franklin
Moore, Lauvisa B., Mrs. 588 Madison
Moore, Levi 719 Harrison
Moore, Thomas 652 Wilson
Morris, Jacob W. 652 Wilson
Moses, Jabez H. 699 Myers
Munn, N. F. 513 Franklin
Munn, O. K. 516 Franklin
Murphy, David 630 Lincoln
Myers, Lewis, Hon. 698 Myers
Myers, Martaret M. 700 Myers
Nichols, Eliza J. 667 Taylor
Nichols, George W. 891 Madison
Osborn, George 549 Marion
Overman, James 550 Marion
  PAGE Twp.
Parberry, H. C. 736 Jefferson
Parker, William 736 Jefferson
Patton, B. M. 631 Lincoln
Payne, David 674 Wash.
Payne, F. J. 517 Franklin
Perry, Rees B. T. 720 Harrison
Pennell, Edward 631 Lincoln
Pernell, Abram 332 Trenton
Perry, Archibald, Dr. 592 Madison
Perry, William H. 592 Madison
Pettit, Nathaniel 700 Myers
Parker, William 736 Jefferson
Price, C. W. 736 Jefferson
Proctor, J. H. 632 Lincoln
Pulliam, Stephen 632 Lincoln
Ralls, Morgan 701 Myers
Ratliff, Marcellus 721 Harrison
Ratliff, Silas 722 Harrison
Reynolds, Joseph 737 Jefferson
Rice, J. D. 737 Jefferson
Richerson, Abram 654 Wilson
Richarson, William 737 Jefferson
Rinker, J. H. 653 Wilson
Robertson, William 593 Madison
Robinson, James 701 Myers
Rock, J. M. 633 Lincoln
Root, John W. 702 Myers
Roworth, Joseph H. 633 Lincoln
Ruddell, Abraham 593 Madison
Rudrow, J. H. 335 Trenton
Russell, Joseph 550 Marion
Rusk, Milan D. 551 Marion
Scott, C. W. 722 Harrison
Scott, Joseph 723 Harrison
Scott, William B. 554 Marion
Sealock, W. A. 593 Madison
Searcy, W. B. 552 Marion
Shelton, Francis B. 703  
Sheppard, George W. 551 Marion
Sherrow, L. D. 551 Marion
Shipley, Isaac F. 554 Marion
Shipman, James 703 Myers
Shirley, L. P. 594 Madison
Sibbitt, Josiah 634 Lincoln
Sires, J. N. 674 Wash.
Sires, S. W. 675 Wash.
Skaggs, Solomon 552 Marion
Skinner, Charles 687 Jackson
Slater, William 635 Lincoln
Smith, D. C. 553 Marion
Smith, Hiram 738 Jefferson
Smith, Oliver 336 Trenton
Smith, William C. 555 Marion
Smith, William H. 337 Trenton
Songer, Giles 335 Trenton
Songer, John R. 338 Trenton
Songer, Joseph W. 336 Trenton
Spencer, L. D. 635 Lincoln
Spencer, William R. 688 Jackson
Spickard, G. A. 517 Franklin
Splawn, Isaac 668 Taylor
Sprout, Francis M. 708 Liberty
Steele, J. L.337   Trenton
Stone, Jonathan 635 Lincoln
Stucker, Eldrige 654 Wilson
Swayze, C. 553 Marion
Swopes, George W. 703 Myers
Tabor, W. B. 723 Harrison
Tate, Alexander R. 595 Madison
Taylor, Robert 338 Trenton
Taylor, Thomas J. 675 Wash.
Thomas, J. P., MD 656 Wilson
Thompson, H. R. 676 Wash.
Thompson, J. B. 738 Jefferson
Thompson, James O. 704 Myers
Thompson, M. V., Dr. 596 Madison
Thompson, P. W. 676 Wash.
Thompson, William P. 594 Madison
Tolle, George H. 688 Jackson
Toncray, M. D. L. 738 Jefferson
Tracy, James T. 636 Lincoln
Trump, Leonhart 636 Lincoln
Turner, Elijah 739 Jefferson
Turner, H. H., Rev. 654 Wilson
Urton, Alfred 338 Trenton
Urton, Cain 649 Wilson
Veach, Isaac 724 Harrison
Vigneron, Charles N.S 704 Myers
Ward, Emerson 668 Taylor
Ward, J. P. 637 Lincoln
Ward, John 598 Madison
Watts, W. E. 725 Harrison
Welch, Daniel 677 Wash.
West, O. P., Dr. 519 Franklin
Wiggins, James 339 Trenton
Wild, Julia K., Mrs. 377 Wash.
Williams, John 739 Jefferson
Williams, Nancy, Mrs. 739 Jefferson
Willis, Henry 678 Wash.
Willis, Thomas G. P. 597 Madison
Wilson, Jackson 637 Lincoln
Wilson, James C. 638 Lincoln
Winters, E. L. 708 Liberty
Witten, Henry B. 599 Madison
Witten, John T. 599 Madison
Witten, R. W., Dr. 600 Madison
Witten, T. O. 725 Harrison
Woodress, James A. 600 Madison
Woods, Jarvis 638 Lincoln
Wright, J. A. 725 Harrison
Wright, Joseph 555 Marion
Wymer, John Nelson 339 Trenton
Wynn, John 597 Madison
Wynn, Melvina, Mrs. 597 Madison
Yakey, Peter H. 340 Trenton









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