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Pettis County, Missouri
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History of Pettis County, Missouri
including an Authentic History of Sedalia and other Townships
together with Cuts of Elegant Residences; Portraits of Prominent Citizens;
Biographical Sketches of Many Enterprising Farmers, Merchants, Mechanics,
Professional and Business Men; A Map of the County;
A Condensed History of the State;  The State Constitution;
An Abstract of the Most Important Laws; The Natural History of
Pettis County; Its Organization; Its Political and Religious History;
The Courts and Bar; Agriculture, Horticulture and Stock-Raising;
War Record; Township Histories; Churches; Schools;
Railroads and Business Enterprises; Miscellaneous Matters, Etc., Etc.

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ABELL, D. T., Dr. 605 Sedalia Twp
ADAMS, John Q. 1067 Washington Twp.
ADDOR, Louis G. 606 Sedalia Twp
AGEE, W. H. 889 Lamonte Twp.
ALLEN, Charles W. 606 Sedalia Twp
ALLIN, James, M.D. 933 Cedar Twp.
ALLISON, N. T. 776 Hustonia Twp.
ANDERSON, George 865 Heath's Creek Twp.
ANDERSON, Isaac C. 1102 Lake Creek Twp.
ANDERSON, Thomas B. 606 Sedalia Twp
ANSPAUGH, John N. 1067 Washington Twp.
ANTES, John F. 607 Sedalia Twp
ARCHER, Isaac 967 Elk Fork Twp.
ARMSTRONG, J. H. 607 Sedalia Twp
ARNOLD, J. T. 914 Dresden Twp.
BAGBY, William J. 608 Sedalia Twp
BAKER, Lucretius 841 Longwood Twp.
BARBER, John C. 608 Sedalia Twp
BARD, Robert M. 967 Elk Fork Twp.
BARNETT, Charles E. 609 Sedalia Twp
BARNETT, George W. 609 Sedalia Twp
BARRETT, Edward H. 611 Sedalia Twp
BARRETT, J. R. 610 Sedalia Twp
BARRETT, Maurice S. 612 Sedalia Twp
BARRETT, William 611 Sedalia Twp
BARRICK, Charles W. 934 Cedar Twp.
BECK, William, Maj. 612 Sedalia Twp
BEEMAN, J. W., Judge 951 Bowling Green Twp.
BEILER, Samuel H. 614 Sedalia Twp
BELL, John H. 1045 Green Ridge Twp.
BELL, Robert L. 1046 Green Ridge Twp.
BELLAS, George 614 Sedalia Twp
BENNETT, John 1068 Washington Twp.
BERRY, Hardy L. 615 Sedalia Twp
BETTRIDGE, Arthur J. 968 Elk Fork Twp.
BIXBY, Elias 615 Sedalia Twp
BLAIR, Ernest R. 616 Sedalia Twp
BLAIR, Milo 616 Sedalia Twp
BLANDIN, J. A. 1013 Smithton Twp.
BLOCHER, David 616 Sedalia Twp
BOATRIGHT, Charles F. 617 Sedalia Twp
BOBBITT, John L. 968 Elk Fork Twp.
BKER, William, Judge 1013 Smithton Twp.
BOERSTLER, Winfield S. 617 Sedalia Twp
BOHLING, Henry 1014 Smithton Twp.
BOHON, Garrett 1014 Smithton Twp.
BOHON, J. J. 1015 Smithton Twp.
BOHON, W. S. 1015 Smithton Twp.
BOOTH, Charles H. 1068 Washington Twp.
BOSSERMAN, Joseph S. 617 Sedalia Twp
BOULDIN, E. Clark 934 Cedar Twp.
BOULDIN, James E. 618 Sedalia Twp
BOYER, Wm. F., Dr. 618 Sedalia Twp
BRADFORD, Fulton Hume 813 Blackwater Twp.
BRIDGES, Lucius L. 619 Sedalia Twp
BRIGHT, K. E. 813 Blackwater Twp.
BROCKSCHMIDT, William, Dr. 622 Sedalia Twp
BRONSON, Ira T., Dr. 619 Sedalia Twp
BROWN, Andrew G. 623 Sedalia Twp
BROWN, David F., Dr. 915 Dresden Twp.
BROWN, Edwin T., Rev. * 620 Sedalia Twp
BROWN, H. C. 814 Blackwater Twp.
BROWN, J. A. C., Dr. 622 Sedalia Twp
BROWN, James 915 Dresden Twp.
BROWN, John D. 622 Sedalia Twp
BRUNCKHORST, Chris. 624 Sedalia Twp
BUCHANAN, E. V. 624 Sedalia Twp
BULLEN, Charles W. 624 Sedalia Twp
BURKHART, John 625 Sedalia Twp
BUSCH, Jule 889 Lamonte Twp.
BYLER, James Madison 625 Sedalia Twp
CALDWELL, Andrew S., Prof. 627 Sedalia Twp
CANADAY, John W. 1069 Washington Twp.
CAPEN, Albert 841 Longwood Twp.
CARD, J. H. 777 Hustonia Twp.
CARLIN, J. P. 1086 Flat Creek Twp.
CARPENTER, Elisha A. 628 Sedalia Twp
CARR, R. Wilson, Dr. 627 Sedalia Twp
CARTER, Joseph E. 969 Elk Fork Twp.
CARTWRIGHT, Joseph L., Dr. * 865 Heath's Creek Twp.
CASTLE, James C. 934 Cedar Twp.
CECIL, William W. 629 Sedalia Twp
CHANEY, C. C. 1016 Smithton Twp.
CHANEY, Cicero M. A. 629 Sedalia Twp
CHANEY, W. H. 842 Longwood Twp.
CHILTON, V. T., Judge 952 Bowling Green Twp.
CHIPMAN, B. Y. 814 Blackwater Twp.
CHRISTIAN, John W. 1046 Green Ridge Twp.
CLARK, Benjamin D. 970 Elk Fork Twp.
CLARK, Logan, Dr. 630 Sedalia Twp
CLARKE, D. A. 629 Sedalia Twp
CLONEY, Thomas W. 630 Sedalia Twp
CLOPTON, Abner 869 Heath's Creek Twp.
CLUTE, James M. 631 Sedalia Twp
COGLEY, Edward G. 632 Sedalia Twp
COLE, James W. 988 Prairie Twp.
CONNER, John W. 632 Sedalia Twp
CONNER, Moses S. 631 Sedalia Twp
CONNER, REYNOLDS & 632 Sedalia Twp
CONNOR, Valentine 935 Cedar Twp.
COOK, James 1016 Smithton Twp.
COOPER, Jonas S. 1088 Flat Creek Twp.
COURTNEY, Peter 916 Dresden Twp.
COUSLEY, Wm. P. 633 Sedalia Twp
CRAGHEAD, J. D. 890 Lamonte Twp.
CRAGHEAD, J. T. 890 Lamonte Twp.
CRANDALL, Orestes A. 633 Sedalia Twp
CRAWFORD, George W. 777 Hustonia Twp.
CRAWFORD, Jno. D., Col. * 635 Sedalia Twp
CRAWFORD, John E., Col. 1087 Flat Creek Twp.
CRAWFORD, William O. 1086 Flat Creek Twp.
CRAYCROFT, Frank 636 Sedalia Twp
CROWLEY, Frederick G. 636 Sedalia Twp
CRUME, R. P. 778 Hustonia Twp.
CULLY, David R., Prof. 637 Sedalia Twp
CUMMING, James 935 Cedar Twp.
CUNNINGHAM, Sarah, Mrs. 935 Cedar Twp.
CURRAN, Bernard 936 Cedar Twp.
CURRAN, William 637 Sedalia Twp
CURRAN, William H. 936 Cedar Twp.
DALBY, John N. * 639 Sedalia Twp
DANIEL, Alex. 815 Blackwater Twp.
DAVENPORT, Clayton T. 990 Prairie Twp.
DAVIDSON, William H. 989 Prairie Twp.
DAVIS, A. A., Dr. 842 Longwood Twp.
DEAN, Benjamin D., Col. 638 Sedalia Twp
DEMUTH, Harry C., Capt. 640 Sedalia Twp
DENNY, Charles W. 1069 Washington Twp.
DEPP, Hezekiah E., Dr. 640 Sedalia Twp
DeVOLL, W. M. 1088 Flat Creek Twp.
DeWITT, Benjamin F. 869 Heath's Creek Twp.
DEXTER, Charles A. 641 Sedalia Twp
DICKERSON, J. W. 936 Cedar Twp.
DILLON, Edward J. 642 Sedalia Twp
DILLON, J. C. 815 Blackwater Twp.
DIVERS, John H. 890 Lamonte Twp.
DIX, L. T. 1103 Lake Creek Twp.
DOHERTY, Michael 1047 Green Ridge Twp.
DONE, William T. 843 Longwood Twp.
DORRANCE, Isaac R. 970 Elk Fork Twp.
DOWNS, J. S. 780 Hustonia Twp.
DOWNS, James A. 779 Hustonia Twp.
DUGAN, George E. 642 Sedalia Twp
DUKE, Wm. 891 Lamonte Twp.
DULY, David 843 Longwood Twp.
DUMP, George 1089 Flat Creek Twp.
DUMP, Peter 1089 Flat Creek Twp.
DURHAM, Robert G., Judge 643 Sedalia Twp
DURRELL, J. M. 1070 Washington Twp.
DYER, Hiram 970 Elk Fork Twp.
EDE, William 1047 Green Ridge Twp.
EDWARDS, T. M. 1048 Green Ridge Twp.
ELLIOTT, John 1070 Washington Twp.
ELLIOTT, John M. 917 Dresden Twp.
ELLISON, Thomas 1017 Smithton Twp.
ELMORE, Oliver 870 Heath's Creek Twp.
EMBREE, William L. 952 Bowling Green Twp.
EMERSON, Wm. H. 892 Lamonte Twp.
EVANS, C. H. 1018 Smithton Twp.
EVANS, Edwin C., Dr. 643 Sedalia Twp
EVANS, William Y. 917 Dresden Twp.
EVANS, Wm. H., Dr. 644 Sedalia Twp
FARNER, H. M. 1019 Smithton Twp.
FARNHAM, Alanson 644 Sedalia Twp
FARRIS, Alvin 1090 Flat Creek Twp.
FAULHABER, George L. 645 Sedalia Twp
FELIX, William L. 646 Sedalia Twp
FELLOWS, Wilfred D. 647 Sedalia Twp
FERGUSON, J. N. 780 Hustonia Twp.
FERGUSON, John C., Hon. 954 Bowling Green Twp.
FERGUSON, John E. 1090 Flat Creek Twp.
FERGUSON, William, Rev. 952 Bowling Green Twp.
FERNALD, A. S. 647 Sedalia Twp
FERRELL, Charles P. 647 Sedalia Twp
FERRELL, George 648 Sedalia Twp
FESLER, John D. 648 Sedalia Twp
FIELD, Curtis, Judge 649 Sedalia Twp
FIELD, Henry Y. 651 Sedalia Twp
FIELD, Thomas, Dr. 651 Sedalia Twp
FILES, W. S. 892 Lamonte Twp.
FISHER, Adam 652 Sedalia Twp
FISHER, Samuel 816 Blackwater Twp.
FISHER, T. S. 892 Lamonte Twp.
FLEMING, John S. 893 Lamonte Twp.
FLESHER, W. H., M.D. 1048 Green Ridge Twp.
FLETCHER, Geo. W., Dr. 1018 Smithton Twp.
FORBES, James M. 936 Cedar Twp.
FOWLER, Elmer L. 1049 Green Ridge Twp.
FOWLER, Jesse 1019 Smithton Twp.
FOWLER, John G. 1020 Smithton Twp.
FOWLER, William 781 Hustonia Twp.
FRAKER, Robert M. 652 Sedalia Twp
FREDRICK, Frank 653 Sedalia Twp
FULLER, J. B., Rev. 653 Sedalia Twp
GALBREATH, George W. 654 Sedalia Twp
GALLIE, John B. 654 Sedalia Twp
GALLIE, Rod 655 Sedalia Twp
GALLUP, F. 1020 Smithton Twp.
GARTON, Monroe H. 894 Lamonte Twp.
GAUSS, Charles H. 655 Sedalia Twp
GEBHARD, Lewis 956 Bowling Green Twp.
GEHLKEN, Richard 1021 Smithton Twp.
GENTRY, Bettie H., Mrs.  940 Cedar Twp.
GENTRY, Joel B. 918 Dresden Twp.
GENTRY, Joshua 919 Dresden Twp.
GENTRY, Richard * 937 Cedar Twp.
GENTRY, Richard T. 655 Sedalia Twp
GENTRY, Richard W. 939 Cedar Twp.
GENTRY, William M. 956 Bowling Green Twp.
GENTRY, William, Major 938 Cedar Twp.
GIBSON, W. C., Judge 817 Blackwater Twp.
GOETZE, George H. 1104 Lake Creek Twp.
GOLD, Samuel  656 Sedalia Twp
GOLDEN, Dennis 658 Sedalia Twp
GOODRICH, C. W. 781 Hustonia Twp.
GOODWIN, Alfred L 658 Sedalia Twp
GOODWIN, J. West 658 Sedalia Twp
GORRELL, Nathan V. 844 Longwood Twp.
GORRELL, T. T. 844 Longwood Twp.
GOSSAGE, Joel A. 660 Sedalia Twp
GOULD, Emmett A. 657 Sedalia Twp
GOVER, E. L. 1021 Smithton Twp.
GRAY, Daniel M. 845 Longwood Twp.
GRAY, Joseph P., Dr. 660 Sedalia Twp
GREEN, Charles O. 660 Sedalia Twp
GREEN, M. O. 954 Bowling Green Twp.
GREER, B. L. 845 Longwood Twp.
GREER, Fleming R. 941 Cedar Twp.
GREER, John W. 846 Longwood Twp.
GREGG, Joseph G. 818 Blackwater Twp.
GREGORY, Thomas E. 870 Heath's Creek Twp.
GUIER, J. J. 783 Hustonia Twp.
GUIHEN, Peter 971 Elk Fork Twp.
GWINN, B. 818 Blackwater Twp.
HAGGARD, Andrew Locke 990 Prairie Twp.
HAGGARD, P. J.  894 Lamonte Twp.
HAIN, William 661 Sedalia Twp
HAINES, Joseph W. 661 Sedalia Twp
HAINLINE, D. W. 820 Blackwater Twp.
HAINLINE, W. F. 894 Lamonte Twp.
HAIRE, N. H. 1022 Smithton Twp.
HALE, Jesse J. 1090 Flat Creek Twp.
HALE, Roscoe L., Dr. 662 Sedalia Twp
HALL, A. J. 895 Lamonte Twp.
HALL, E. H. 1071 Washington Twp.
HALL, John L. 662 Sedalia Twp
HAM, Joel C. 972 Elk Fork Twp.
HAMM, William 784 Hustonia Twp.
HAMMOND, D. D. 1091 Flat Creek Twp.
HANCOCK, Roswell D. 991 Prairie Twp.
HAND, Harvey, Sr. 1071 Washington Twp.
HARDY, George H. 895 Lamonte Twp.
HARNED, Job 957 Bowling Green Twp.
HARRIS, J. V. 1022 Smithton Twp.
HARRIS, Overton M. 663 Sedalia Twp
HARRIS, Robert O. 663 Sedalia Twp
HARTE, Edward S. 872 Heath's Creek Twp.
HARTER, Morris 663 Sedalia Twp
HARVEY, A. J. 846 Longwood Twp.
HATTON, R. I. 1072 Washington Twp.
HAVELY, Edward C. 1050 Green Ridge Twp.
HAWKINS, W. L. 784 Hustonia Twp.
HAWKS, Alfred W. 664 Sedalia Twp
HAY, Peter 871 Heath's Creek Twp.
HEARD, George 664 Sedalia Twp
HEARD, George C. 665 Sedalia Twp
HEATON, Asa H., Dr. 666 Sedalia Twp
HECK, Isaac 1073 Washington Twp.
HEDGER, J. F., Dr. 872 Heath's Creek Twp.
HEINS, Claus 785 Hustonia Twp.
HEMPHILL, Thomas 1050 Green Ridge Twp.
HENDERSON, John H. 872 Heath's Creek Twp.
HEYNEN, C. H. 666 Sedalia Twp
HICKEY, Gilbert 666 Sedalia Twp
HICKS, George D. 992 Prairie Twp.
HIERONYMUS, Charles R. 873 Heath's Creek Twp.
HIGGINS, H. Clay 786 Hustonia Twp.
HIGGINS, Joseph C. * 819 Blackwater Twp.
HIGGINS, Joseph P. 821 Blackwater Twp.
HIGGINS, William B. 668 Sedalia Twp
HIGHLEYMAN, Richard R. 667 Sedalia Twp
HIGHLEYMAN, Samuel L. 667 Sedalia Twp
HILDEBRAND, Conrad 668 Sedalia Twp
HILL, Henry D. 668 Sedalia Twp
HINSDALE, Ira 669 Sedalia Twp
HOFFMAN, Charles 669 Sedalia Twp
HOFFMAN, William 847 Longwood Twp.
HOGUE, Jno. H. 669 Sedalia Twp
HOLCOMB, David I. 670 Sedalia Twp
HOLLENBECK, George 1050 Green Ridge Twp.
HOUSTON, Thos. F., Col. 786 Hustonia Twp.
HOUX, John W. 670 Sedalia Twp
HOWE, Jesse F. 1073 Washington Twp.
HUGHES, C. C. 788 Hustonia Twp.
HUGHES, Thos. J. 788 Hustonia Twp.
HULL, B. L. 671 Sedalia Twp
HULL, James L. 920 Dresden Twp.
HUSTON, Robert P. 1051 Green Ridge Twp.
HUTCHINSON, W. T. 957 Bowling Green Twp.
HUTCHISON, M. Lottie, Mrs. 789 Hustonia Twp.
ILGENFRITZ, Clarence E. 672 Sedalia Twp
ILGENFRITZ, William D. 672 Sedalia Twp
ILGENFRITZ, Wm. F. 671 Sedalia Twp
INGRAM, Benton Howard 673 Sedalia Twp
INMAN, Thomas G. 896 Lamonte Twp.
IRELAND, Jno. W. 1052 Green Ridge Twp.
ITTEL, Adam 673 Sedalia Twp
JACKSON, Clifford L. 674 Sedalia Twp
JACKSON, George P. B. 675 Sedalia Twp
JAMES, Edward 972 Elk Fork Twp.
JANNEY, Jonathan 789 Hustonia Twp.
JAYNES, A. D., Col. 675 Sedalia Twp
JEFFERSON, Henry P. 678 Sedalia Twp
JENKINS, Aaron 874 Heath's Creek Twp.
JENKINS, James S. 875 Heath's Creek Twp.
JOHNS, Samuel P. 678 Sedalia Twp
JONES, Charles O. 847 Longwood Twp.
JONES, Jacob B., Dr. 679 Sedalia Twp
KAHRS, George 679 Sedalia Twp
KAHRS, John C., Jr. 1104 Lake Creek Twp.
KAHRS, Peter, Sr. 1105 Lake Creek Twp.
KAISER, John 680 Sedalia Twp
KELLER, Emmanuel R. 876 Heath's Creek Twp.
KELLY, Philip 680 Sedalia Twp
KELLY, R. C. 821 Blackwater Twp.
KEMP, J. R. 848 Longwood Twp.
KENDRICK, John 973 Elk Fork Twp.
KENNEDY, James W. 681 Sedalia Twp
KIDWELL, T. F. 681 Sedalia Twp
KING, Willis P., M.D.* 682 Sedalia Twp
KNAPP, Henry A. 684 Sedalia Twp
KOOCK, Charles 684 Sedalia Twp
KRUSE, Cord 685 Sedalia Twp
KUMM, Louis 685 Sedalia Twp
LACY, John A. 686 Sedalia Twp
LAMM, George B. 1023 Smithton Twp.
LAMM, Henry 688 Sedalia Twp
LAMM, John J. 1023 Smithton Twp.
LAMPTON, Mitchell M. 687 Sedalia Twp
LAMY, Ernest 687 Sedalia Twp
LANDES, John 688 Sedalia Twp
LANEY, John 1052 Green Ridge Twp.
LATOUR, William 689 Sedalia Twp
LAUBER, Frank 689 Sedalia Twp
LAUGHING, F. H. 1074 Washington Twp.
LEABO, C. W. 1053 Green Ridge Twp.
LEAKE, James P. 690 Sedalia Twp
LEE, James M. 920 Dresden Twp.
LEWIS, J. M. 790 Hustonia Twp.
LEWIS, John H. 993 Prairie Twp.
LLEWELLYN, Thomas 1053 Green Ridge Twp.
LOGAN, Francis A. 1054 Green Ridge Twp.
LONGAN, D. E. 790 Hustonia Twp.
LONGAN, George F. 690 Sedalia Twp
LONGAN, J. B. 791 Hustonia Twp.
LONGAN, Patrick H. 994 Prairie Twp.
LOONEY, James H. 691 Sedalia Twp
LOVELACE, A. 958 Bowling Green Twp.
LOWER, Geroge, Cap. 853 Longwood Twp.
LOWRY, William 848 Longwood Twp.
LUCKE, F. 1024 Smithton Twp.
LUPE, Stephen T. 920 Dresden Twp.
MACKEY, Wm. S. 691 Sedalia Twp
MAGLEY, Jacob 973 Elk Fork Twp.
MAHNKEN, Dietrich 1092 Flat Creek Twp.
MAJOR, T. T., Dr. 692 Sedalia Twp
MAREAN, Henry H. 692 Sedalia Twp
MARSH, Joseph C. 941 Cedar Twp.
MARSHALL, J. W. 849 Longwood Twp.
MASON, John W. 693 Sedalia Twp
MASON, Thomas J. 896 Lamonte Twp.
MASONHALL, Henry G. 693 Sedalia Twp
MATTHEWS, A. 958 Bowling Green Twp.
MATTHEWS, S. 959 Bowling Green Twp.
McANINCH, J. F. 942 Cedar Twp.
McCAMPBELL, James 1054 Green Ridge Twp.
McCLELLAN, Edwin E. 693 Sedalia Twp
McCLUNEY, T. P., Dr. 921 Dresden Twp.
McCLURE, Jerome B. 694 Sedalia Twp
McCLURE, Wesley 791 Hustonia Twp.
McCLURE, Winston 850 Longwood Twp.
McCOLLOCH, James M. 974 Elk Fork Twp.
McCONNELL, Charles E. 897 Lamonte Twp.
McCONNELL, James R. 897 Lamonte Twp.
McCONNELL, Jennie, Mrs. 792 Hustonia Twp.
McCORMICK, James H. 1091 Flat Creek Twp.
McCORMICK, Robert B. 851 Longwood Twp.
McCOY, H. E. 951 Bowling Green Twp.
McCURDY, John 792 Hustonia Twp.
McFADDEN, J. S. 1092 Flat Creek Twp.
McGEE, John 1025 Smithton Twp.
McGRUDER, M. 782 Hustonia Twp.
McKINLEY, George V. S. 974 Elk Fork Twp.
McLAUGHLIN, George C. 694 Sedalia Twp
McLAUGHLIN, John C. 694 Sedalia Twp
McNEES, William A. 695 Sedalia Twp
McQUITTY, William H. 696 Sedalia Twp
McVEY, Absalom 695 Sedalia Twp
McVEY, John W. 696 Sedalia Twp
MEANS, Robert D. 1055 Green Ridge Twp.
MELVIN, Benjamin 1056 Green Ridge Twp.
MEMMINGER, Thomas B. 697 Sedalia Twp
MENTZER, Alexander E. 975 Elk Fork Twp.
MERCER, John David, Elder 976 Elk Fork Twp.
MERRIFIELD, James K. 697 Sedalia Twp
MERTZ, John H. 698 Sedalia Twp
MESSERLY, Chas. E. 698 Sedalia Twp
MEYER, Abraham 699 Sedalia Twp
MEYER, Henry 1105 Lake Creek Twp.
MEYERS, Peter R. 699 Sedalia Twp
MILLER, Jacob F. 995 Prairie Twp.
MILLER, Robert Tevis, Dr. * 701 Sedalia Twp
MITCHELL, J. D. 792 Hustonia Twp.
MITCHELL, James F. 1057 Green Ridge Twp.
MITCHUM, C. 702 Sedalia Twp
MOFFETT, Robert A. 1058 Green Ridge Twp.
MOMBERG, John H. 1025 Smithton Twp.
MONSEES, G. 1024 Smithton Twp.
MONSEES, Herman 1024 Smithton Twp.
MONSEES, J. H. M. 1025 Smithton Twp.
MONTGOMERY, Bacon, Gen. 706 Sedalia Twp
MONTGOMERY, John, Jr. 705 Sedalia Twp
MONTGOMERY, John, Rev.  851 Longwood Twp.
MONTGOMERY, Thomas J. 702 Sedalia Twp
MOORE, John T. 897 Lamonte Twp.
MOORE, William H., A.M., Prof. 707 Sedalia Twp
MORRIS, C. L. 1074 Washington Twp.
MORRIS, W. T. 822 Blackwater Twp.
MORRIS, Wm. H. 922 Dresden Twp.
MOSES, Reuben H. 708 Sedalia Twp
MUELLER, R. E. 1026 Smithton Twp.
NEESON, Charles F. 708 Sedalia Twp
NELSON, Hiram C. 977 Elk Fork Twp.
NELSON, T. A. 1075 Washington Twp.
NEWKIRK, Cyrus 709 Sedalia Twp
NICHOLAS, A. H. 793 Hustonia Twp.
NICHOLS, Charles W. 1059 Green Ridge Twp.
NICHOLS, James F. 1058 Green Ridge Twp.
NORRIS, D. H. 822 Blackwater Twp.
NORTON, Geo. B. 710 Sedalia Twp
NORTON, Isaac McNeil 1026 Smithton Twp.
NORTON, W. D. 1027 Smithton Twp.
OFFIELD, James M. 711 Sedalia Twp
OLMSTED, Richard M. 711 Sedalia Twp
OVERSTREET, J. M., Dr. 711 Sedalia Twp
OVERSTREET, Jane, Mrs. 1028 Smithton Twp.
OVERSTREET, W. C., Dr. 1027 Smithton Twp.
PACE, J. D. 898 Lamonte Twp.
PAGE, W. H. 1029 Smithton Twp.
PALMER, D. F. 1029 Smithton Twp.
PARK, Columbus 995 Prairie Twp.
PARRISH, Jolly S. 1093 Flat Creek Twp.
PAYN, Elias J. 922 Dresden Twp.
PEMBERTON, George M. 977 Elk Fork Twp.
PEMBERTON, Thomas B., Dr. 978 Elk Fork Twp.
PHILIPS, Emmet E. 713 Sedalia Twp
PHILIPS, John F., Col. 712 Sedalia Twp
PHILLIPS, T. W. 794 Hustonia Twp.
PHIPPS, Eugene 714 Sedalia Twp
PIETY, Will H., Dr. 714 Sedalia Twp
POHL, John W. 715 Sedalia Twp
POLLARD, James A. 959 Bowling Green Twp.
POLLARD, W. W. 959 Bowling Green Twp.
PORTER, Benjamin 960 Bowling Green Twp.
PORTER, E. K., Rev. 960 Bowling Green Twp.
PORTER, Thomas J. 715 Sedalia Twp
PORTER, W. L. 715 Sedalia Twp
POTTER, Thomas P. 961 Bowling Green Twp.
POWELL, Chas. H. 978 Elk Fork Twp.
POWELL, William O. 979 Elk Fork Twp.
POWELL, Wm. L. 877 Heath's Creek Twp.
PRICE, M. Morgan 898 Lamonte Twp.
PRICE, Thomas B. 822 Blackwater Twp.
PRIEST, George S. 852 Longwood Twp.
PRIGMORE, B. F. 823 Blackwater Twp.
PURCELL, James M. 1075 Washington Twp.
RAMEY, J. D. 943 Cedar Twp.
RAMEY, W. K., Capt.  942 Cedar Twp.
RAMSEY, David 716 Sedalia Twp
RAMSEY, James 716 Sedalia Twp
RANTENSTRAUCH, Julius 716 Sedalia Twp
RAYBURN, George W. 996 Prairie Twp.
RAYNOR, John W. 717 Sedalia Twp
READY, George W., Prof. 717 Sedalia Twp
REAM, F. M. 943 Cedar Twp.
REAM, James S. 1059 Green Ridge Twp.
RECTOR, John E. 943 Cedar Twp.
REED, Clark 899 Lamonte Twp.
REED, Hial B. 1060 Green Ridge Twp.
REED, Jesse 1095 Flat Creek Twp.
REED, Matthias 1095 Flat Creek Twp.
REMBAUGH, B. S. 718 Sedalia Twp
RENFROW, Jeremiah D. 979 Elk Fork Twp.
REYNOLDS & CONNER 632 Sedalia Twp
RHOADES, Joshua W. S. 997 Prairie Twp.
RHOADS, David N. 1060 Green Ridge Twp.
RHODES, Thomas W. 1106 Lake Creek Twp.
RHODES, William H. 1106 Lake Creek Twp.
RICHARDSON, Charles, Judge 718 Sedalia Twp
RICKMAN, John B. 719 Sedalia Twp
RICKS, William 852 Longwood Twp.
RIDENOUR, William 1076 Washington Twp.
RIECKE, Adolph 1076 Washington Twp.
RIFFE, Peter B. 719 Sedalia Twp
RILEY, W. C., M. D. 795 Hustonia Twp.
RINGEN, James 1030 Smithton Twp.
RISSLER, Wm. H. 825 Blackwater Twp.
RITTER, Richard, Col.  720 Sedalia Twp
ROBERTS, William T. 824 Blackwater Twp.
ROBERTS, Zachariah 825 Blackwater Twp.
ROBERTSON, Joseph 967 Elk Fork Twp.
ROBINSON, Leander 998 Prairie Twp.
RODGERS, W. H. 1094 Flat Creek Twp.
ROSS, George C. 722 Sedalia Twp
ROSS, William H. 722 Sedalia Twp
ROTHWELL, G. W., M.D. 944 Cedar Twp.
ROWLETT, Simon P. 722 Sedalia Twp
RUTAN, W. M.  899 Lamonte Twp.
SAMPSON, Frances A. 724 Sedalia Twp
SANFORD, George A. 725 Sedalia Twp
SCHMITT, Herman 725 Sedalia Twp
SCHUPP, Anton 1031 Smithton Twp.
SCHWENSEN, Carl 1107 Lake Creek Twp.
SCOTT, J. J. 796 Hustonia Twp.
SCOTT, JOSIAH * 796 Hustonia Twp.
SCOTT, M. D. 797 Hustonia Twp.
SCOW, Andrew J. 726 Sedalia Twp
SEBRING, Firmin 825 Blackwater Twp.
SELKEN, John 1030 Smithton Twp.
SELLERS, T. J. 1031 Smithton Twp.
SENIOR, John Gradison 826 Blackwater Twp.
SETTLES, Benjamin F. 726 Sedalia Twp
SHANKS, Samuel * 827 Blackwater Twp.
SHARP, John 899 Lamonte Twp.
SHAW, Victor E. 726 Sedalia Twp
SHAW, W. B. 900 Lamonte Twp.
SHEPARD, George L., Dr. 726 Sedalia Twp
SHEPHERD, George H. 900 Lamonte Twp.
SHEPHERD, J. L. 827 Blackwater Twp.
SHIRK, William S., Judge 727 Sedalia Twp
SHOBE, Bedford 727 Sedalia Twp
SHORT, Ulysses F. 727 Sedalia Twp
SHY, D. J., Jr. 1032 Smithton Twp.
SHY, Robert J. 728 Sedalia Twp
SICHER, John D. 728 Sedalia Twp
SICKLER, Harrison 797 Hustonia Twp.
SIMONDS, Commodore G. B. 729 Sedalia Twp
SIMONS, Chas.W. 730 Sedalia Twp
SINCLAIR, Elisha W. 730 Sedalia Twp
SINNETT, Henry C. 731 Sedalia Twp
SLOANE, John Grande-Girard, Judge 731 Sedalia Twp
SLMER, Reinhart 853 Longwood Twp.
SMALL, Andrew V., M. D. 732 Sedalia Twp
SMITH, A. W., Dr. 1032 Smithton Twp.
SMITH, David 1035 Smithton Twp.
SMITH, David H. 733 Sedalia Twp
SMITH, Ezra J. 734 Sedalia Twp
SMITH, Henry C. 798 Hustonia Twp.
SMITH, Metcalf 798 Hustonia Twp.
SMITH, Samuel 1034 Smithton Twp.
SMITH, Sarah E., Mrs. 944 Cedar Twp.
SMITH, Thomas A. 799 Hustonia Twp.
SMITH, W. A. 1034 Smithton Twp.
SNEED, John B. 734 Sedalia Twp
SNEED, John M., Cap. 961 Bowling Green Twp.
SNEED, Robert C. 734 Sedalia Twp
SNODDY, A. P., Dr. 901 Lamonte Twp.
SNODDY, W. D., Dr. 901 Lamonte Twp.
SNODDY, William Wallace S., Col. 735 Sedalia Twp
SPEARS, H. C., Dr. 877 Heath's Creek Twp.
SPICKERT, John N. 980 Elk Fork Twp.
SPRAGUE, John G. 737 Sedalia Twp
SPURGIN, J. R. 829 Blackwater Twp.
SPURGIN, Solomon 829 Blackwater Twp.
STANTON, G. R. 737 Sedalia Twp
STAPLES, Joseph F. 902 Lamonte Twp.
STARK, John 738 Sedalia Twp
STEELMAN, Benj. F. 962 Bowling Green Twp.
STIRLEN, Samuel 854 Longwood Twp.
STOCKMAN, Louis 999 Prairie Twp.
STORY, James 738 Sedalia Twp
STRINGER, Henry D. 739 Sedalia Twp
SWOPE, Hiram 854 Longwood Twp.
SWOPE, M. K. 902 Lamonte Twp.
TANNAHILL, John Q. 981 Elk Fork Twp.
TAYLOR, Charles G. 739 Sedalia Twp
TAYLOR, W. K. 945 Cedar Twp.
TERRY, Thomas 903 Lamonte Twp.
TESCH, Frank S. 878 Heath's Creek Twp.
THATCHER, J. P., Dr. 739 Sedalia Twp
THATCHER, Patrick A. 981 Elk Fork Twp.
THIELE, Albert H. 740 Sedalia Twp
THOMAS, William R. 741 Sedalia Twp
THOMPSON, A. H., Capt. 741 Sedalia Twp
THOMPSON, James C. * 743 Sedalia Twp
THOMPSON, Robert 903 Lamonte Twp.
THOMSON, Mentor 741 Sedalia Twp
THORNTON, B. F. 853 Longwood Twp.
TOMLIN, J. Frank 1060 Green Ridge Twp.
TOWNSLEY, George W. 742 Sedalia Twp
TRACHEL, Anton 999 Prairie Twp.
TRADER, John W., Dr. 744 Sedalia Twp
TRIPLETT, T. M. 830 Blackwater Twp.
TRUMBULL, L. M. 745 Sedalia Twp
TRUXEL, Jacob W. 745 Sedalia Twp
TUCKER, William T. 746 Sedalia Twp
TYLER, Milton W., Jr. 830 Blackwater Twp.
UPTON, Joseph 1077 Washington Twp.
VAN BRUNT, Ralph, Gen. 746 Sedalia Twp
VAN WAGNER, Allen J., Rev. 748 Sedalia Twp
VAN WAGNER, James M., Rev. 747 Sedalia Twp
VAN WAGNER, Lon. 749 Sedalia Twp
VAN WAGNER, Wm. H. 747 Sedalia Twp
VanBURKLEO, Benj. E., Dr. 963 Bowling Green Twp.
VANNATTA, William H. 999 Prairie Twp.
VAUGHAN, William E. 904 Lamonte Twp.
VINSON, Daniel R. 1107 Lake Creek Twp.
VINSON, William 1108 Lake Creek Twp.
VITT, J. Henry 749 Sedalia Twp
WADDLE, John G. 982 Elk Fork Twp.
WADE, J. R. 904 Lamonte Twp.
WADE, R. A. S. 923 Dresden Twp.
WADLEIGH, Chas E. 1062 Green Ridge Twp.
WADLEIGH, Joseph D. 1062 Green Ridge Twp.
WALKER, James W. 750 Sedalia Twp
WALKUP, Israel 1035 Smithton Twp.
WALMSLEY, John 750 Sedalia Twp
WALSHE, George W. 750 Sedalia Twp
WARREN, William 1077 Washington Twp.
WARREN, Willis 1096 Flat Creek Twp.
WEATHERS, William 800 Hustonia Twp.
WEBBER, Jonathan R., Major 751 Sedalia Twp
WEIKAL, David 905 Lamonte Twp.
WELSH, John 945 Cedar Twp.
WESTLAKE, Thomas 1000 Prairie Twp.
WHARTON, Sarah W., Mrs. 879 Heath's Creek Twp.
WHEELER, Harvey R. 754 Sedalia Twp
WHEELER, James C. 753 Sedalia Twp
WHEELER, Philip H. 855 Longwood Twp.
WHITE, George L. 1020 Smithton Twp.
WHITE, James S. 905 Lamonte Twp.
WHITE, Joseph G. 751 Sedalia Twp
WHITE, M. E., Dr. 752 Sedalia Twp
WHITE, Stephen N. 752 Sedalia Twp
WHITE, W. F. 753 Sedalia Twp
WHITFIELD, J. E. 831 Blackwater Twp.
WHITFIELD, W. H. 832 Blackwater Twp.
WIDNEY, Charles T. M.D. 832 Blackwater Twp.
WILCOX, James B. 754 Sedalia Twp
WILKERSON, Burwell G. 754 Sedalia Twp
WILLIAMS, L. H. 833 Blackwater Twp.
WILLIAMS, William 1035 Smithton Twp.
WILSON, Frederick 800 Hustonia Twp.
WILSON, Samuel J. 1077 Washington Twp.
WIMER, Asher F. 906 Lamonte Twp.
WINSTON, William 834 Blackwater Twp.
WISE, W. C. 906 Lamonte Twp.
WITCHER, C. V. 924 Dresden Twp.
WOLLERY, Robert 1096 Flat Creek Twp.
WOOD, Albion 924 Dresden Twp.
WOOD, Christopher C. 983 Elk Fork Twp.
WOOD, Edward 834 Blackwater Twp.
WOOD, Thomas 755 Sedalia Twp
WOODS, John S. 945 Cedar Twp.
WRIGHT, A. M., Judge 963 Bowling Green Twp.
WRIGHT, Silas A. 755 Sedalia Twp
YANKEE, Jacob, Judge 1096 Flat Creek Twp.
YEATER, John J. 756 Sedalia Twp
ZENER, Matthias 756 Sedalia Twp





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