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Some Emigrants to Virginia
Second Edition, Enlarged
Memoranda in Regard to Several Hundred Emigrants to Virginia During the Colonial Period Whose parentage
is Shown or Former Residence Indicated by Authentic Records
Compiled by W. G. Stanard
Publ. by The Bell Book and Stationery Co., Richmond, Virginia 1915
(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)


     The following list was begun during leisure hours with the expectation that it would be very much shorter than it is, and without any special idea of publication.  After some progress had been made the compiler grew interested in ascertaining how many such instances could be discovered in readily accessible sources, and when it was completed it was thought that, though it consisted only of brief memoranda, it was probably worth preserving in print.
     No attempt has before been made to collect the names of the various emigrants to Virginia in regard to whose parentage, family connections, or former homes something definite could be learned.  In the list here presented there is no claim for exhaustiveness, nor is there any attempt to give many details as to ancestry, social position, or occupation.  It is a list of names with brief notes concerning them, and with references to printed books or manuscripts, where proofs of the statements made are either given in full or epitomized.  It is not intended as an enumeration of gentry but includes all ranks from the laborer to the lord.
     Though of use, no doubt, for genealogical investigations, the compilation was made made for that purpose; but to give examples of the great variety of people who composed the emigrants to the old colonies.
     Some of the persons, whose names are given, died without issue, others returned to England, and of still others nothing is known but the name.  Yet they all lived in Virginia, and with their different characters, habits, and antecedents helped to make the colony what it was and to mould the character of the Virginia people.
     The principal sources used have been the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography (cited as V. M.), the William and Mary Quarterly (cited as W. M.), Waters' Gleanings (cited as W. G.), the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, various other well-known genealogical and biographical works, and a large collection of manuscript notes from Virginia county records in the possession of the compiler.  In the Virginia Magazine of History and Biology Mr. Lothrop Withington's Gleanings" have furnished numerous names.
     In many instances, where there has been no opportunity for minute investigation, only one year of an emigrant's residence in Virginia has been noted.  The name of the emigrant is first given, followed next by his dates, and immediately after this the place of his residence in Virginia, and finally the foreign reference.  When details as to ancestry are given in the authorities referred to, as in the case of John West, Edward Digges, and many others, it has not been deemed necessary to add the social designation of gentleman, esquire, &c.  This has been only done, as a rule, in cases where contemporary records affix such titles to the emigrant's name and the compiler knew nothing of his ancestry.
     In conclusion, it should be said that no statements have been made for which it is believed there is not full proof in reliable records.  All probabilities, however strong or reasonable, and all merely traditional accounts have been omitted.  This is also the case in regard to some positive statements as to parentage or descent for which no authority has been given.
     It will be observed that many prominent Virginia names are omitted form this list.  The emigrant ancestors of the families of Alexander, Berkeley (Middlesex, &c.), Braxton, Brockenbrough, Brooke, Carter, Chew, Cocke (of Henrico, Surry, &c.), Dandridge, Eppes, Farrar, Jefferson, Grymes (Middlesex), Harrison (Surry, &c.), Harwood, Hooe, Kenner, Kennon, Lee, Madison, Marshall, Mason, Newton (Norfolk), Perrott, Pettus, Ppe, Poythress, Rootes, Ruffin, Slaughter, Steptoe, Stith, Swann, Taliaferro, Venable, Walke, Whiting, Willoughby (Norfolk), and many other well-known names have not been traced positively to their former homes across the sea.  It has been only recently that any work has been done towards this end in the English records, and it is hoped that many more details will yet be delivered.

Some Emigrants to Virginia

ABBES, EDWARD, surgeon (d. 1637), formerly of London.
     V. M., XIV, 442. 
     Mathews' Probate Acts.
ABRAHALL, ROBERT (in Virginia 1681, &c.), New Kent county.  In 1681, Richard Cawthorn and Ann his wife, administratrix of her late husband, Thomas Arahall, citizen and skinner, of London, gave a power of attorney to recover property in the hands of MR. Robert Abrahall of New Kent county, Va.  A deed from the latter to Wm. Bassett bears on the seal the arms of Abrahall of Herefordshire.
     Middlesex Records.
ADAM, ROBERT (b. 1731), Alexandria; son of Rev. John Adam, D. D., and Janet Campbell, his wife, of Kirkbride, Scotland.
     "The Lodge of Washington", p. 73
ADAMS, THOMAS (in Virginia shortly before 1664), Isle of Wight county; brother of William Adams, of Kenton, Devon.
     W. M., VII, 225.
ALLAN, JOHN (d. 1750), Spotsylvania county, merchant, formerly of Hamilton, Scotland, and son of James Allan merchant, Baillie of Hamilton.
     Spotsylvania Records, p. 186.
AMBLER, RICHARD (1690-1766), Yorktown and Jamestown; son of John and Elizabeth (Burkadike) Ambler, of this city of York.
     Paxton's "Marshall Family," p. 42.
ANDREWS, HENRY, gentleman (d. 1705), formerly of London.
     W. M., II, 165
ANDREWS, JOHN (d. in or before 1609); son of John Andrews, of Cambridge, merchant.
     V. M., XI, 155
ARCHER, MICHAEL, gentleman (1681-1726), James City county; born near Rippon, in Yorkshire.
     Va. Hist. Col., VI, 71
ASCOUGH or AYSCOUGH, HENRY, gent.  (b. about 1649, in Virginia 1679-1698, &c.), Henrico county; brother of William Ascough, of the city of York (alive 1716).
     Henrico County Records.
ASHTON, PETER (d. 1671), Northumberland and Stafford counties; borther of James Ashton, of Kirby-Underwood, and of John Ashton, of Lowth (Louth), both in Linconshire.
     V. M., II, 27.
ASHTON, JAMES (d. 1686, Stafford county, formerly of Kirby-Underwood, Lincolnshire.
     V. M., II, 27; X, 292.
ASHTON, JOHN (d. 1682), Stafford county, formerly of Lowth (Louth), Lincolnshire.
     V. M., X, 293
ATKINS, JOHN (d. 1624), James City county; brother of William Atkins, who, in 1624, dwelt near the Bear, in Bassinghall, London.
     V. M., XI, 153
ATKINS, JOHN (in Virginia 1636); grandson of John Atkins of Chard, Somerset, merchant.
     V. M. XI, 150
ATKINSON, ROGER (1725-1784), Blandford, Prince George county; born in Whitehaven; son of Roger and Jane (Benson) Atkinson.
V. M., XV, 345
ATKINSON, WILLIAM, the younger, gent. (d. 1613), formerly of London; son of William Atkinson of London, Esq.
     V. M., XII, 397
ATTERBURY, RICHARD (d. 1638), formerly of London, fishmonger.
     V. M., XI, 153
ATWOOD, JAMES (d. 1686), Middlesex county, formerly of Yorkshire.
     Ch. Ch. Middlesex Parish Register.
BACON, MRS. ELIZABETH (in Virginia 1674, &c.), Henrico county; wife of Nathaniel Bacon, Jr., and daughter of Sir Edward Duke, of Benhill Lodge, near Saxmundam, Suffolk.
     Campbell's "History of Virginia," 312;
     V. M., XV, 65, 69.
BACON, NATHANIEL, SR. (1620-1692), York county; son of Rev. James Bacon, Record of Burgate, Suffolk, and grandson of Sir James Bacon, of Freston Hall, Suffolk.
BACON, NATHANIEL, JR. (1647-1676), Henrico county; son of Thoams Bacon, of Freston Hall, near Saxmundham, Suffolk.
     W. M., X, 267
BAGGE, EDMUND (D. 1734), Essex county; son of Luke Bagge, of Start, county Waterford, IReland.
     V. M., XII, 290-300.
BAGGE, REV. JOHN (d. 1726), Essex county; brother of Leonard Bagge, of Kilbree, county Waterford, Ireland.
     V. M., XII, 299-300.
BAGWELL, ROGER (d. 1679), Rappahannock county; brother of Andrew Bagwell, of Apson, county of Devon.
     "Virginia County Records" (New York), p. 215
BAKER, JOHN (in Virginia 1653), Lower Norfolk county; son and heir of John Baker, "of St. Martin's in the Fields in the county of Middlesex, near London" (dead in 1653). John Baker, Jr., refers to property in that parish and in "Benfield towards Windsor."
     Lower Norfolk Records.
BAKER, MARTIN (in Virginia 1634, &c.), York county; formerly of Plymouth.
     V. M., II, 240
BANKS, THOMAS(1642-1697), Northumberland county; born at Woodstock, Wiltshire; son of Thomas Banks, gent., and at Woodstock, Wiltshire; son of Thomas Banks, gent., and Dorothy his wife.
     W. M., XIII, 46.
BANKES, JAMES (in Virginia 1656, &c.), Lower Norfolk county; formerly of London, merchant.
     Lower Norfolk Records.
BANTON, JOHN (in Virginia 1669, &c.), Isle of Wight county; formerly of Bristol, merchant.
     Isle of Wight Records.
BARGRAVE, REV. THOMAS (d. 1621); son of Robert Bargrave, of Bridge, Kent.
     Brown's "Genesis," II, 823
BARNABE, JOHN (in Virginia 1631, &c.); brother of Richard Barnabe merchant, of London.
     V. M., VIII, 303-305.
BARNES, JACOB (in Virginia 1677, &c.); son of Edward Barnes and brother of Joshua Barnes, Greek Professor of Cambridge.
     V. M>, XVI, 203.
BASKERVILLE, JOHN (d. 1675), York county; son of John Baskerville, Esq., of Old Withington, Cheshire.
     V. M., XV, 58-60
BASSETT, WILLIAM (d. 1672), New Kent county; son of William Bassett, yeoman, of Newport, Isle of Wight.  He had been an officer in the English garrison at Dunkirk (probably in Alsop's regiment) until it was evacuated in 1662.
     Keith's Ancestry of Benjamin Harrison," 27-29
BATH, JOHN (in Virginia 1623), "of London; a Leatherseller."
     V. M., XIX, 133
BATTE, HENRY (in Virginia 1660, &c.); son of Robert Batte, Vice-Master of University College, Oxford.
     Rd. Standard, III, 40. 
     Genealogist, October, 1898, 86-89.
BATTE, WILLIAM (in Virginia 1654, &c.); Charles City county; brother of Henry Batte, preceding.
     Richard Standard, III, 40.
BATTE, THOMAS (in Virginia 1666, &c.); son of John Batte (d. 1652), of Okewell, Yorkshire, and his wife, Martha, daughter of Thomas Mallory, Dean of Chester.
     Rd. Standard, III, 40. 
     Genealogist, October, 1898, 85-89.
BATTE, HENRY (in Virginia 1666, &c.), Charles City county; brother of Thomas Batte, preceding.
     Rd. Standard, III, 40. 
     Genealogist, October, 1898, 86-89.
BATHURST, LANCELOT (b. 1646), New Kent county; son of Sir Edward Bathurst, Bart., of Lechlade, Gloucestershire (who d. 1674)
     Visitation of Gloucestershire (Exeter,1884). 
     W. M., II, 215.  
     Burke's Extinct and Dormant Baronetage.
BAUGH, THOMAS, "absent in Virginia," 1634.  (Vistation of the County of Worcester, 1684-85, ed. by W. C. Metcalf), West and Shirley Hundred," 1623, and at the "College Land" (Henrico), 1825.  Son of John BAugh and grandson of Rowland Baugh, Esq., of Twining, in the county of Worcester.
     Visitation of Worcestershire, 1683-84, edited by W. C. Metcalfe (Exeter, 1883)>
     V. M., VII, 424.
BAUGH, WILLIAM (In Virginia 1639, &c.), late of London (Probably William Baugh, who was born in 11610, and was J. P. for Henrico county, 1656, &c.)
     V. M., XIX, 193.
BAYLY, ARTHUR (In Virginia 1642, &c.), Henrico county; of London, merchant.
     Co. Va. Register.
     V. M.
BAYNES, THOMAS (d. 1709), Middlesex county; brother of William and Christopher Baynes, of Snape, Yorkshire.
     Middle Records.
BAYTOP, THOMAS (d. 1690), Gloucester county; from Staplehurst, Kent.
     V. M., XI, 69
BEARD, WILLIAM (d. 1636), James City county; mentions in his will his sisters in Rye.
     V. M., XI, 148
BEAUCHAMP, JOHN (d. 1668), Henrico county; also of St. Giles Without Cripplegate, London, merchant; brother of Abel Beauchamp, gentleman, of Worcester.
     V. M., XVI, 192.
     Henrico Records.
BECHINOE, EDWARD (in Virginia 1668, &c.), Isle of Wight county; brother of Conyers Bechinoe, of London, merchant. 
     W. M., VII, 226.
BECKINGHAM, ROBERT (d. 1675), Lancaster county; names in will his father, Mr. Robert Beckingham; sister Martha, wife of MR. John Burroughs; brothers-in-law John Cume and Aubin parish of St. Edmund's, in Sarum.  In 1669 was "of Portsmouth [Eng.], merchant."
     Lancaster Records.
BECKWITH, SIR MARMADUKE, BART. (in Virginia 1709, &c., d. 1780), Richmond county; son of Sir Roger Beckwith, Bart, of Aldborough, Yorkshire (who d. 1700)
     Burke's Extinct and Dormant Baronetage. 
     Richmond County records.
BEDFORD, JOHN (d. 1716), York county; of Stepney Middlesex.
     V. M., VI, 150.
BEHEATHLAND, JOHN (d. 1639); from St. Endillion, Cornwall; grandson of Mr. Richard Beheathlnad.
V. M., XI, 363.
     Matthews' Probate Acts.
BECHES, HUGH (1737-1803), Sussex county; son of Thomas Belches, of Greenyard, Scotland,  and his wife, Margaret Hepburn, of Boards.
Belches' Family Records.
BELCHES, JAMES, Surry county brother of Hugh Belches, preceding.
     Belches' Family Records.
BELCHES, PATRICK (1733-1766), Hanover county; brother of Hugh Belches, preceding.
     Belches' Family Records.
BENNETT, RICHARD (d. 1675), Nansemond county; nephew of Edward Bennett, merchant, of London, who in 1621, & c. was deputy governor of the merchant adventurers of England, resident of Delft, Holland.
     Virginia Carolorum, 224, &c.
BENSKIN, HENRY (in Virginia 1691, &c.); son of Francis Benskin, Esq., of St. Martin's in the Fields, Middlesex.
     Waters' Gleanings.
BERKELEY, JOHN (d. 1622), Henrico county; son of Sir John Berkeley of Beverstone Castle, Gloucestershire.
     W. M., VI, 135.
BERNARD, RICHARD (in Virginia 1655, &c.), Gloucester county; in 1634 was of Petsoe Bucks gent.
     W. M., III, 41.
BERNARD, WILLIAM (d. 1665), Nansemond county; son of Francis Bernard, of Kingsthorpe, Northants (d. 1630), and brother of Sir Robert Bernard, Bart., of Brampton Hall, Huntingdonshire.
     V. M., IV, 207
BEVERLEY, ROBERT (d. 1687), Middlesex county; a native of Yorkshire.
     Ch. Ch. Parish, Middlesex, Register.
     V. M., II, 405-413.
BICKLEY, FRANCIS  (in Virginia 1657, &c.); son of John Bickley, of London, draper.
     V. M., XI, 151, 152
BICKLEY, JOSEPH (d. before 1751), King William county; son of Sir Francis Bickley, Bart., of Attleborough Hall, Norfolk.  (Joseph Bickley's son William, of Louisa county, succeeded to the baronetcy in 1752.
     W. M., V., 29-30-124-125
BIGGE, HENRY (in Virginia 1635, &c.); brother of John Bigge of St. Mary's, White Chapel, London, citizen and tallow-chandler.
     Waters' Gleanings.
BILLINGSLEY, GEORGE (in Virginia 1646, & c.), Surry county; of Henfield, Sussex; was Postmaster General of England 1660-63.
     V. M., VIII, 330.
     Virginia Carolorum
BLACKBURN, RICHARD (1705-1757), Prince William county; born at Rippon, Yorkshire.
     W. M., IV, 267.
BLACKEY, THOMAS (in Viginia 1686, &c.), Middlesex county; of Cumberland.
     Ch. Ch. Parish, Middlesex, Register
BLANCHEFLOWER, BENJAMIN (d. 1684-85 in Virginia), "of Fitzhead, county of Somerset, Gent."
     V. M., XIX, 186
BLAND, GILES (1647-1676), Charles City county; son of John Bland, of London, and his wife Sarah, daughter of Giles Green, Esq., of Uffington, in the Isle of Purbeck.
     Familiae Minorum Gentium
BLAND, EDWARD (d. 1664), Charles City county; son of John Bland, of London, merchant.
     W. M., XV, 47.
     Familiae Minorum Gentium.
BLAND, THEODORICK (1629-1671), Charles City county; son of John Bland, of London, merchant.
     V. M., X, 372, 373.
     Familiae Minorum Gentium.
BLOSS, JOHN (in Virginia 1687, &c.), Middlesex county; of Colchester Essex.
     Ch. Ch., Middlesex,
     Parish Register
BOLITHOE, JOHN (in Viginia 1725, &c.), Princess Anne county; from Cornwall.
     Lower Norfolk County (va.) Antiquary, I, 64.
BOLLING, ROBERT (1646-1709), Charles City and Prince George counties; son of John and Mary Bolling of All Hallows, Barking Parish, Tower street, London.
     V. M., VII, 352, 353.
BOLTON, HENRY (in Virginia 1691, &.); son of William Bolton, clerk of Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex.
     W. G., 662
BOOTH, HUMPHREY (in Virginia 1654, &c.), Rappahannock county, of London, merchant, in 1653.
     V. M., III, 66.
BOOTH, THOMAS (1662-1736), Gloucester county; "born in Lancashire" (epitaph).  A chart pedigree of the family, prepared many yeas ago, states that he was son of St. John Booth, son of John Booth, son of Sir George Booth whose son William was the father of the first Lord Delamere.
W. M., II, 223, 273, 274
BOUCHER, REV. JONATHAN (b. 1738), Caroline county; a native of Cleveland.
     Meade, I, 411
BOWKER, REV. JAMES (d. 1794), New Kent county; brother of Edward Bowker, of Loudon.
     V. M., XI, 313.
BOWKER, REV. RALPH (in Virginia 1704, &c.), King and Queen county; brother of Rev. James Bowker, preceding.
     V. M., XI, 313
BOYD, DAVID (d. 1781), Northumberland county; his father and mother were buried in the churchyard at Wigton, Scotland.
     W. M., VII, 126
BRADFORD, THOMAS (d. 1671); formerly of Batcombe, Somerset.
     P. C. C. Act Book.
BRADLEY, THOMAS (b. 1633), a merchant in Virginia 1665, eldest son of Thomas Bradley, d. d., chaplain to Charles I.  Prebend of York and Rector of Ackworth, Yorkshire; a great Royalist, and his wife Frances, daughter of John, Lord Saville, of Pontefract.
     Genealogist (new series), XVI, 117
BRANCH, CHRISTOPHER (d. 1681), Henrico county; son of Lionel Branch (b. 1566, d. about 1605), and grandson of William Branch, gent. (d. 1602), of Abingdon, Berkshire.
     MS, pedigree prepared by Mr. J. H.  Lea.
BRAY, ROBERT (d. 1681), Lower Norfolk county; son of Edward Bray, of Biggleswade, Bedfordshire (who was dead in 1681)
     Lower Norfolk Records.
BRAY, PLOMER (in Virginia 1681, &c.), Lower Norfolk county; brother of Robert Bray, preceding.
     Lower Norfolk Records.
     Lower Norfolk Records.
BRENT, GEORGE (d. 1700), Stafford county; son of George Brent, of Defford, Worcestershire, and his wife Marianna, daughter of Sir John Peyton, of Doddington.
     V. M., II, 35, 36; XII, 441; XIV, 100, 101; XV, 93, 94.
BRENT, GILES (d. 1671), Stafford county; son of Richard Brent, of Lark Stoke and Admington, Gloucestershire.
     V. M., XII, 439-440; XIV, 100; XV, 324, &c.; XVI, 97, 98
BRENT, ROBERT (in Virginia 1693, &c.); son of George Brent, of Defford.
     V. M., XIV, 101.
BREWER, JOHN (d. 1636), Warwick county; son of Thomas Brewer, of London.
     W. G., 715;
     V. M., III, 183, 184
BREWSTER, SACKFORD (in Virginia 1655, &c.), Surry county.  In his marriage license, issued in Virginia, April 22, 1655, he is styled "Thomas alias Sackford Brewster, of Sackford Hall, in the county of Suffolk, gent."
     Surry Records.
BREWTON, JOHN (d. 1707), Stafford county; legacy in his will to John, son of Thomas Brewton, of Gloucester, in England.
     Stafford Records.
BRIGG, HENRY (in Virginia 1622, &c.); brother to "Thomas Brigg, merchant at ye Custome Hosue Key," London. 
     Brown's "First Republic,"  p. 514
BRISTOW, ROBERT (in Virginia 1660-80, b. 1643), Stafford county; second son of Robert Bristow, Esq., of Ayot St. Lawrence, Hertfordshire.
     V. M., XIII, 59-62
BRITAIN, RICHARD (in Virginia 1659, &c.), Northampton county; son of Stephen Britain, of East Greenwich, in the county of Kent, cordwainer.
     Northampton Records.
BROADHURST, JOHN, "the younger, of London, factor"  (d. 1701), Princess Anne count; in will, date Sept. 13, 1699, bequeaths real estate "at Hoesfield near Macksfield in the county of Chester."  Probate Act P. C. C.  "John Broadhurst of St. Albans, Wood street, London, but in Virginia deceased."
     Princess Anne County Records.
BRODHURST, HUGH (d. 1659); son of William Brodhurst, gent., of Lilleshall, Shropshire.
     W. M., IV, 88
BRODHURST, WALTER (1619-1661), Westmoreland county; brother of Hugh Brodhurst, preceding.
     W. M., IV, 31, 74, 88; I, 188
BRODNAX, JOHN (d. 1657), York county; son of Thomas Brodnax, of Godmersham, Kent.
     W. M., XIV, 52-53
BRODNAX, JOHN (1668-1719), Williamsburg; son of Robert Brodnax, goldsmith, of Holborn, London.
     W. M., XIV, 138
BRODNAX, WILLIAM (1675-1726), Jamestown; born at Godmersham, Kent; son of "Robert Brodnax, a goldsmith in Holborn, London."
     W. M., XIV, 53-56
BROUGHTON, FRANCIS, "now in Virginia"; pedigree of Broughton, Visitation of Staffordshire, 1663-4
     W. M., XV, 70
BROWN, DR. JOHN (d. 1726), Williamsburg; "late of Cold Stream, North Britain."
     Va. Hist. Col., VI, 76;
     W. M., VI, 253
BUCKRIDGE, RALPH (in Virginia 1623); "of Sutten, in Barkshire, gent."
     V. M., XIX, 132.
BURWELL, MRS. ABIGAIL (in Virginia 1671, &c.), Gloucester county; wife of Lewis Burwell, and daughter of Anthony Smith, of Colchester, tanner, and his wife Martha, daughter of Rev. James Bacon, Rector of Burgate, Suffolk.
     Keith's Ancestry of Benjamin Harrison, 23-26
BURWELL, LEWIS (d. 1653), Gloucester county; son of Edward Burwell, of Harlington, Bedfordshire, and his wife Dorothy, daughter of William Bedell, of Catworth, Huntingdonshire.
     Keith's Ancestry of Benjamin Harrision, 34, 35.
BUTLER, WILLIAM (in Virginia 1641, &c.), fishmonger, of London.
     N. E. H. & G. Reg., Vol. 61, p. 92
BUTTS, PETER (in Virginia 1672, &c.), York county; "late of London, merchant"
BYRD, WILLIAM (1652-1704), Henrico and Charles City counties; son of John Byrd, goldsmith, of London.  Pedigrees prepared in London in 1702 and 1763 trace John Byrd's ancestry to the Byrds of Brexton, Cheshire.
     Pedigree in "Writings of Col. Wm. Byrd" (Basset ed.), and in "Beau Monde" (Richmond, April 7, 1894).


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