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Virginia Gazette
As found in the William & Mary College Quarterly
January, 1767, to January, 1769
(Transcribed by Sharon Wick)

Mr. Walter Coles, one of the representatives in Assembly for the county of Halifax, to Miss Mildred Lightfoot, a daughter of the late Colonel William Lightfoot of Charles City.
Mr. William Taylor, one of the representatives in Assembly for the county of Lunenburg, to Miss Patty Waller eldest daughter of Benjamin Waller, Esq., of this city, Mar. 19.
     On Tuesday, the 21st of this instant, died, at his home in Cumberland, Col. John Fleming, member of the Assembly for the county, and an eminent practitioner in the law.  On the 6th instant, died at Fredericksburg, Mr. William Scott, who for several years acquired great reputation in that neighborhood through his mercantile connections * * *  The following evening his remains were attended to the place of interment by the right worshipful, the Master and Brethren of the Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons - April 30.
     Last Saturday evening, died at his home in this city, Mr. William Waters
Arrivals:  In York River, the Lord Baltimore from London, by whom we have advice of the death of the Hon. Philip Ludwell, Esq., one of the members of his Majesty's council in this colony - June 4.
     From Northumberland we learn that Mr. Robert Woddrop, merchant of that county, died there about the middle of last month, greatly regretted - June 11.
     Last Thursday, died at his home in Price George Co., universally regretted, Col.. Alexander Bolling, one of the representatives for that county - June 18.
     On Wednesday, the 1st instant, died at Norfolk, after a lingering illness, Colonel Robert Tucker, who for these many years has carried on a very extensive trade in that place with the greatest credit and honour.  On Tuesday, the 3th ultimo, died at his home in Smithfield, Mr. James Eason, merchant there - July 9.
     On Wednesday, the 8th instant, died at his seat at Chatsworth, in the county of Henrico, the Hon. Peter Randolph, Esq., surveyor general of his Majesty's customs, and one of the council of this colony.  Lately died, Major Harry Gaines, one of the representatives in Assembly for King William county - July 16.
     Lately died at his house in Smithfield, after a short illness, Capt. Samuel Wentworth, merchant there for many years - July 23.
     Last Friday, died of a apoplectick fit, at Warren's Ordinary, in New Kent county, Capt. George Wilkinson, commander of the ship Madeira Packet, of London - Sept. 10.
     On the 10th of July last, died at Col. William Allen's, in Surry, where she had been a few days upon a visit, the lady of Benjamin Harrison, Jun., Esq., of Brandon, in the flower of her age, and possessed of every amiable qualification.  She has left an inconsolible husband, an afflicted mother, weeping relatives and many sorrowful friends.
William Randolph, Esq., to Miss Mary Skipwith, a daughter of the late Sir William Skipwith, Barronet.  Edward Lloyd, Esq., of Maryland, to Miss Elizabeth Tayloe, a daughter of the Hon. John Tayloe, Esq. - November 26.
     On Tuesday evening, died at his house in King and Queen, the Rev. William Robinson, the Lord Bishop of London's commissary for this colony, and rector of Stratton Major  He was a gentleman much esteemed by his parishioners, and all who had the pleasure of knowing him - Jan. 7.
     On Saturday, the 2d of this instant, about 9 o'clock at night, died, Col. James Gordon, of Lancaster county, in the 54th year of his age * * * *  He spent the last 30 years of his life in said county in trade. * * * The rare assemblage of fine qualities made a very discerning traveller a few years ago remark of the deceased: "That he had not met with any one of the several provinces he had passed through possessing so many real excellencies."  [A long obituary] - Jan. 4
     Yesterday morning, died at her house in this city, after a tedious illness, Mrs. Mary Grymes, relict of Hon. Philip Grymes, deceased.  Lately died, in Hanover, Mr. Robin Page, who had for several years labored under the afflicting pain of the gout, and of late was seized with the dead palsy - Jan. 21.
     Died of the small-pox, Mr. Dudley Digges, and a mulatto man belonging to the college.  Mr. James Marshall quite recovered - Feb. 4.
     Early this morning, died at the Palace, after a tedious illness, which he bore with the greatest patience and fortitude, the Hon. Francis Fauquier, Esq., Lieutenant Governor and commander in chief of this colony, over which he has presided near ten years, much to his own honor and the ease and satisfaction of the inhabitants.  He was a gentleman of a most amiable disposition; generous, just and wise, and possessed in an eminent degree of all the social virtues.  He was Fellow of the royal Society, and died in his 65th year - March 3.
     On Tuesday last, the remains of the Honourable Francis Fauquier, Esq., deceased, were interred in our church.  His funeral and attended by the Honourable, the President, and several members of his Majesty's council, the Honourable the Speaker, the Treasurer, his Majesty's Attorney General, all the gentlemen in this city, and its neighbourhood and the militia under arms, to testify the respect due to the memory of so worthy a Governor.  After the funeral service the militia made three discharges over the place of interment - March 10.
     Last week was married Nathaniel Carpenter, Esq., Collector of his Majesty's customs, to Miss Nancy Fauntleroy - March 17.
     Last Saturday morning died, in the 58th year of her age, Mrs. Mary Prentis, relict of the late Mr. William Prentis, of this city - April 14.
     On Thursday last, David Meade, Esq., of Nansemond, was married to Miss Sally Waters, of this city - May 19.
     Last Thursday the Rev. Mr. Josiah Johnson, one of the masters of this College, was married to Miss Mildred Moody, an agreeable young lady - May 26.
     Last Thursday Warner Lewis, Jun., Esq., of Gloucester, was married to Miss Polly Chiswell, of this city, an accomplished young lady - June 2.
     On Saturday last was married, at Jordan's, Mr. Robert Goode, of Henrico, to Miss Sally Bland, a daughter of Col. Richard Bland's, an agreeable young lady - June 23.
     On Sunday, the 19th instant, after a short illness, departed this life, much lamented, the Honourable Benjamin Tasker, Esq., President of the council in the province of Maryland, &c. - June 30.
     On Sunday, the 26 ult., died at his home in Northampton county, Col. Littleton, Esq.     He was many years judge of the court and representative of the county in which he lived.  On the 21st ult., died, in Gloucester county, much regretted, Mrs. Frances Booth, relict of the late Dr. George Booth - July 7.
     On Monday, the 8th instant, died Christopher Robinson, Esq., of Middlesex - July 28.
     On Friday, the 14th instant, died after a short illness, at his seat at Marlborough, in Stafford county, aged 64, John Mercer, Esq., for many years a very eminent lawyer, and remarkable for his assiduity in his profession.  He was a gentleman greatly esteemed, and of consequences is much regretted - Oct. 27.
     Last Sunday morning died, at the treasurer's, in this city, after a tedious illness, Edward Ambler, Esq., representative in Assembly for Jamestown, a gentleman of most amiable character, which makes his death much lamented by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. - Nov 3.
     Anthony Walke, Sen., Esq., who died the 8th ultimo, in the 76th year of his age.  "County Lieutenant and Judge of the Court of Princess Anne.  .  .  . From a slender education, such as a little reading and writing as the times could then afford, he made a wonderful proficiency in true and solid knowledge greatly preferable to a knowledge of words and language."  [Long obituary.] - Dec. 22.


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