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Source:  Sun (Baltimore, MD) Vol. CXXX  Issue: 28   Page 6
Dated: Saturday, Dec. 14, 1901
Sheriff Oeligrath Suprised.
     Sheriff Oeligrath was very much surprised yesterday morning to learn that a prisoner had escaped or gotten away from the county jail Thursday about 5 o'clock and that he had not been apprised of the occurrence, although he stayed at home about the jail during the evening.  The new warden of the jail, Isaac Benton Marshall Ho_shall, and the night watchman.  Elijah M. Price, both knew of the escape, but did not think it worth while to notify the Sheriff, as it was hoped that hte prisoner would come back.
     The warden informed the Sheriff about 7 o'clock yesterday morning of what had happened.  The escaped prisoner did not break jail, but walked off unmolested.  It has been the custom for some time to take a prisoner, charged with some minor offense, out to do chores about the building, keeping him under surveillance.  George Williams, colored, who was indicted for larceny December 10, the man who got away Thursday, had been working on the outside during the last few days of the term of Sheriff Todd. He had been committed for the action of the grand jury but had not been indicted when Sheriff Oeligrath took charge, and the new official made no change.  Shortly before walking off Thursday Williams borrowed 25 cents from the cook.
     After the warden found that the man had gone he waited until Night Watchman Price came on duty and told him he thought Williams had only gone up in the town and would come back.
     The next heard from Williams was that he had been seen in Baltimore Thursday night by Sargeant Carberry, as stated in THE SUN yesterday.  Had the Sheriff been promptly informed and notice of Williams' disappearance sent out the fugitive would probably have been arrested.    
     Patrolman A. J. German, of Towson, who was told about the escape on Thursday night after making inquiry in response to a Message from the Canton Police Station, said yesterday he had taken none into his confidence because he thought that such matters were never divulged until the fugitive is arrested.  He said the officials at the jail had expressed themselves as desirous of keeping the incident quiet.
     The police description of Williams, who has not yet been recaptured, is as follows:
     George Williams, colored, alias Charles Jacock, alias Wolcot, age 33 years 160 pounds short and stout build, long, wooly hair, wore doark brown overcoat, dark-grayish pants when last seen had no hat on.  This man is a piono player and pugilist.
Source: Sun (Baltimore, MD) Volumne: CXXXI   Issue: 98   Page 7
Dated: Aug. 22, 1902
Jail Will Be Repaired
     Sheriff Oeligrath has employed William Hanneman of Towson to repair the tin roof of the county jail John T. __oss will close up the hole made in the ____ing by the prisoners who escaped last week.
Source: Sun (Baltimore, MD) Vol. CXXXI  Issue: 168   Page 7
Dated: Saturday, Oct. 31, 1902
Sheriff Oeligrath Goes Home To Vote
     Sheriff and Mrs. William J. Oeligrath
drove from Towson yesterday to their old home at Ecklo, in the Sixth district, a distance of about 23 miles, where they will remain until after the election.  The Sheriff is only a temporary resident of Towson and he will vote in the Sixth district on next Tuesday.  There is only one voting place in that district - a Nelson N. Norris' store, in Middletown.  The Fifth also has only one voting place.  The polls in this district is at the White House, which has been a voting place for many years.
Source: Sun (Baltimore, MD) Volume: CXXXI   Issue: 169   Page: 7
Dated: Nov. 1, 1902
Sheriff Oeligrath Appoints Deputies For Election.
Sixty-Five Marriage Licenses Issued In October-Tri-Circuit   Rally Of Christian Endeavorers.
     Sheriff William J. Oeligrath
has made his appointments of deputies to serve at the election on Tuesday, with the exception of in the Thirteenth district and one or two in a few of the other districts, which will be announced today.  In the Third and Fourth precincts of the Ninth district the regular deputies- Messrs. Anderson and Burke- will serve.
     The police force of the county will be assigned to duty on that day wherever Chief Streett considers their services necessary.  He will keep a number of the officers in reserve should anything unforeseen occur, though no disorder is anticipated.  The following is the list as far as completed:
     First District - August C. Pe_ore, William E. Bach, James Gall, John T. McCabe.
     Second - Harry Fryfogle, Caleb S. Hobbs,
Third - John Fox, John McWilliams, John Dee,.
Fourth - George W. Stocksdale, A. M. Ruby.
Fifth - William H. Benson
     Sixth - Thomas L. Gammill
     Seventh - N. J. Cole, J. E. Ro__er
Eighth - John Noppenberger, Benj. M. Brooks
     Ninth - Dennis Fitzgerald, Samuel Dew___, William H. Murray, Perry Knight
Tenth - Charles T. Henderson, John H. Hitter
Eleventh - William H. Ady, Harry Schultz, John T. Burgan.
Twelfth - Andrew J. Hartner, Frederick Harner, Martin Homberg, Frederick L. Fapper, Nicholas Rebbel
Fourteenth - John A. Nuth, Jr., Achilles Ford, Andrew M_i___.
Fifteenth - George B. Cox, Frank Matther, Robert H. Earl, Frank Larrimore, Townsend Buebler.
In the Churches.
     Rev. Thomas M. Beadenkoff
, pastor of the Canton Congregational Church, Elliott and First streets, has announced that arrangement had been made with the Lutheran and Presbyterian churches at Canton to establish a joint reading and social room somewhat similar to the Young Men's Christian Association.  The Methodist Church will also be asked to join, Rev. M. Beadenkoff has rented a building at Elliot street and East avenue, which will be formally opened in a week or two.
     The congregation of the German United Evangelical Church, East avenue and Dillon street, Canton, Rev. William Batz, pastor, will celebrate tomorrow the festival of the Reformation.  an oyster supper and fair are to be held at the church hall Nov. 19 to 13.  Herman Spellman is chairman of the committee of arrangements, with George Vaupel as assistant.
     Forty hours' devotion will begin Sunday, Nov. 9, at the Church of the Sacred Heart, Foster avenue and First street, and will end on the following Tuesday.
     The dedication of Wesley Methodist Episcopal Chapel, Rev. J. Toily Marsh, pastor, which was to have taken place tomorrow, has been indefinitely postponed, owning to  the non arrival of the pews.
. Alfred Ballhorn, pastor of St. Michael's Lutheran Church, at Perry Hall, Eleventh district, will hold a Reformation service tomorrow morning.
Epworth Leaguers Hold Rally.
  The rally of the Epworth League chapters of Monkton, Hereford and Parkton circuits was held yesterday afternoon and evening at Monkton Methodist Episcopal Church Mr. Lewis M. Bacon presided in the afternoon.  Addresses were delivered and papers read on "The Ideal Young Methodist," by Rev. Frank G. Porter, of Franklin Street Methodist Episcopal Church; "Winning the Unsaved," by Miss Roberta Price, of Clynmalira Methodist Church; "The Use of the Scriptures in Dealing With the Unsaved," by Rev. W. L. McDowell, of Broadway Methodist Church; closing remarks by Rev. Dr. J. St. Clair Neal, of Harford Avenue Methodist Church.  Revs. C. T. Weede and George L. Jones assisted.
     W. Lawrence Beyer, president of East Baltimore District League, presided at the evening service.  An address was made by Rev. Robert M. Moore, of East Baltimore Methodist Episcopal Church.  Ministers assisting him were Rev. J. Tolly Marsh, Rev. Dr. Harry S. France, Rev. Low W. Gosnell of Monkton circuit, Rev. Richard G. Koontz, Rev. J. W. Fleming, Miss Bertha Bond was organist.
     The ladies of the church furnished lunch for the many present.
Floor Under Her On Fire.
   Fire broke out in the building at Third street and Eastern avenue, occupied by the Baltimore County Sentinel, yesterday afternoon about 3:30 o'clock.  The blaze was discovered by Miss Catherine Deby, who conducts a dressmaking establishment on the second floor, and who noticed that the floor under her was becoming very warm.  Smoke also began to pass up through the cracks.  She summoned to her aid the seamstresses, and after giving the alarm carried the dress goods and other articles to a different part of the building, being nearly suffocated in this work.  A bucket brigade was formed between the hydrant in the yard and the apartment and the firemen tore up the floor.  The services of the engines were not needed.  The printing office sustained some was damaged $59.
Suburban Personals.
     A. A. Piper
, a well known member of the county bar and who has been confined to his home at Glanarm, on the Maryland and Pennsylvania railroad, for several weeks by sickness, was able to visit Towson this week.  His wife, who has been ill with typhoid fever, si recovering.
     John Langham of Perry Hall, Eleventh district, now in his ninety fifty year, is ill.
     Dr. Clyde V. Matthews, who has been appointed assistant demonstrator in the dental department of the University of Maryland, is a son of Col. D. M. Matthews, of Dulany's Valley.
Source: Sun (Baltimore, MD) Volume: CXXXI   Issue: 169   Page: 7
Dated: Nov. 1, 1902
A NUMBER of box parties for the juvenile members of society are being arranged for the "Dolls Opera and Play of Cinderella," to be given on Friday afternoon at Albaugh's Theatre, under fashionable patronage.  Among those who will give parties are Mrs. T. Harrison Garrett, Mrs. David G. McIntosh, Mrs. Jacob A. Ulman, Mrs. Walter F. Wickes, Mrs. Daniel Willard, Mrs. J. Hurst Purnell, Mrs. Charles Carroll Denison, Mrs. John Howland, Mrs. Roger Brooke Hopkins, Mrs. Joseph W. Jenkins, Mrs. Cornelius D. Kenny, Mrs. John B. Whitehead, Mrs. Francis E. Waters, Mrs. George Hamilton Cook, Mrs. R. G. Dulany, Mrs. Charles M. Lanahan, Mrs. William Lanahan, Mrs. J. C. Legg, Jr., Mrs. Waldo Newcomer, Mrs. George R. Sin_ickson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Parr, Jr. 
sale of candy under the direction of Miss Ann Franklin Keyser, for the benefit of the Children's Hospital School, will be a feature of the entertainment.  Assisting Miss Keyser will be the members of the Junior Auxiliary of the Children's Hospital School, including a number of the future belles of society.
MISS Elizabeth Gorden and Miss Anne HuntlyGorden, the debutants daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Huntly Gordon, will be the guests of honor at a dinner on Saturday evening, December 29, before the second of the Bachelors' Cotillons, at which Paymaster J. Quitman Lovell, U. S. N., and Mrs. Lovell, the latter their aunt, will be the hosts, at the Belvedere Hotel.
THE marriage of Miss Helen Chase Woods, to Mr. Arthur W. _achen, Jr., will take place on Saturday afternoon, December 1, at the town residence of Doctor and Mrs. Woods, 842 Park avenue.
THE Alexander Charlton Nelson has selected Wednesday, Dec. 21, on the date for the luncheon to be given a honor or her debutante niece, Miss Nannie Braxton Dallam daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Braxton Dallam.
DOCTOR and Mrs. John W. Lowe
, of 2239 Entaw Place, announce the engagement of their daughter, Katherine  _ Hennick-Lowe, to Mr. James Craig Elliott, of Charlotte, N. C.  No date has been set for the wedding, which will probably take place in the late winter.
MRS. George Livingston Baker
, of New York, formerly Miss Margaret Armistead Appleton of Baltimore, is spending 10 days at the Brexton Hotel.  Mrs. Baker visited Fort McHenry last Tuesday in view the statue of her grandfather,  Col. George Armistead.  She is a prominent figure in Red Cross work in New York, and was one of a committee of a hundred women who raised the sum of $100,000 in two weeks for the National League for Woman's Service, this being done at he request of Miss Ana Morgan.
     Miss Helen McMaster
, of Columbia, S. C., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Wilson and their daughter, Miss Alice Wilson, at their apartment at the Winona.  Miss McMaster is a sister of Mrs. Joseph R. Foard, who has recently arrived in France to assist with the war relief work.
     Mr. and Mrs. John Bosley, Jr.,
who have been spending their honeymoon in New York, have returned and are the guests of the latter's mother, Mrs. Richard Cromwell, Jr., at her home at Catonsville.
     Mr. Seth Barton French, of New York, spent the week and in Baltimore, having come down for the dinner given on Saturday evening by Mr. and Mrs. Jesse N. Bowen at the Baltimore Country Club for Mrs. Bevan, one of this season's debutantes.
     Mrs. Walter Prescott Smith
is expected to return today from the North, where she attended the wedding on Saturday at Jamestown, R. I., of Miss John Montgomery Wood and Mr. Andrew Jones, of New York, formerly of Baltimore.
     Mrs. Alexander Armstrong,
of Hagerstown, Md., has been visiting her parents, Doctor and Mrs. Hiram Woods, at their home on Park avenue.
     Miss Valerie Padelford
, of Washington, who has frequently visited here, came on for the wedding on Saturday afternoon of Miss Eleanor Mitchell Dieter and Mr. Neville Irwin Leary.
     Mrs. Samuel T. Earle
, who has been spending a few days at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York, having joined friends for the National Horse Show, has returned.
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Macgill, of Catonsville, will leave early in January for New York, where they will spend the remainder of the winter.
     Mrs. Augustus A. Hack,
of the Washington Apartments, will leave early in December for Memphis, Tenn., where she will visit her son-in-law and daughter.  Doctor and Mrs. Richmond McKinney.
     Mrs. Edgar K. Legg
has given up her house on Preston street and has taken an apartment at the Preston.
     Mr. Harold Wrenn and Mr. Hold Page, of Norfolk, Va., have been spending a few days in Baltimore.
     Mrs. Oliver T. Beauchamp, of Princess Anne, Md., is spending a month with her niece, Mrs. Walter E. Spicer, of Batavia, N. Y.
     Mrs. Joseph E. Uebele and son, Elmer Howard, of Washington, have returned home after spending several weeks with her uncle and aunt, former Sheriff and Mrs. Oeligrath, of Freeland, Maryland.
     Mrs. Charles W. Lord is spending a month at the Park Avenue Hotel, Park avenue, New York.
     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Bourne, 813 Hamilton Terrace, who have been away since July, are dividing their time between Philadelphia and New York, as Mr. Bourne has an office in both cities.  They do not expect to return to Baltimore until after Thanksgiving.
     Mrs. William M. Buchanan and Miss Marie J. McCay, of 930 North Charles street, are spending this week with Mrs. Mark Sullivan, at her home, Chatham, near Fredericksburg, Va.
     Mrs. Charles H. Nicolai
and daughters, Mrs. James Mickle and Miss Charlotte, have taken a house at 8 Eaglewood road, Roland Park.
     Mrs. Ida M. Schuesaler
has gone to Los Angeles, Cal., to spend the winter.
     Mr. and Mrs. I. Wienbert Mohler are at the Marlborough-Blenheim, Atlantic City, where they will remain for a fort-night.
Source: Sun (Baltimore, MD) Volume: CLIX   Issue:57   Page: 12
Dated: July 21, 1916
     St. James' Guild, of My Lady's Manor, was entertained yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. John Snow, at Monkton.
Motorcyclists Complained of
     The residents of Wilkins avenue, Catonsville, in the vicinity of Beechfield avenue and Maiden Choice lane, have complain to the county p9olice of a gang of boys who race back and forth on the avenue with motorcycles, greatly endangering the lives of pedestrians.
     Sunday-School Picnic At Hinn.
The annual picnic of the Eighth District Baltimore County Sunday-School Association was held yesterday at Hiss Grove, Parkville.  The committee in charge consisted of the Rev. T. M. Swan, the Rev. Lemuel S. Reichard, F. H. Hrtman and Robert H. Blackburn.
     Catonsville "Drys" Meet.
     The Catonsville Dry League held a meeting last evening in the assembly hall of the Catonsville High School.  The finance committee, consisting of Richard P. Baer, Frank S. Strohridge, Samuel H. Harden, M. Filmore Carter and Jacob France, made a report and sub-committees were appointed to map out a plan for the coming campaign.
Aigburth Inn Is Gay,
The Tuesday dance at Aigurth Inn, Towson, was largely attended.  Miss McConn was hostess.
     Mrs. R. J. Wyckoff and her son were entertained at dinner at the Inn on Wednesday.
     On the same day Miss Bertha C. Lee, of West Arlington, entertained her card club at luncheon.
Missionary Society Rallies.
Morning and afternoon sessions were held yesterday at the rally of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church, held in West Baltimore Station Methodist  Episcopal Church, Park Heights avenue, near Shirley.  Mrs. W. E. Beall presided.  Addresses were made by Mrs. William C. Ballard, district secretary; Mrs. C. C. Hoffman, Mrs. John T. King, associate secretary, and Mrs. William E. Moore.  Luncheon was served at noon by the ladies of the church.  Mrs. Charles Matthews and Mrs. Harry French sang.  The visitors were welcomed by the pastor, the Rev. Charles L. Pate.





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