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Date Grantor Grantee Instrument Folio Description
1725/6, Mar. 14 ABBOTT, Samuel William LORD Sale 65 Interest in saw-mill at Quamphegon
1726, May 11 ABBET, Thomas and Elizabeth   Petition 43 Estate of James EMORY
1726, July 8 ABBET, Thomas and Elizabeth Richard SHACKLEY Deed 44 A part of the estate of the late James EMERY, Jr.
1726/7, Feb. 1 ADAMS, Nathan, et ux. Thomas ADAMS Deed 98 Land in York
1716, Jan. 14 ADAMS, Thomas Hezekiah ADAMS Deed 50 Lot and woodland in York
1726/7, Feb. 6 ADAMS, Thomas et ux. Aaron JEWITT Deed 101 Land in York
1716, Jan. 12 ADAMS, Thomas et ux. John SEDGLY Gift 127 Land in York
1726, Dec. 15 ADAMS, Thomas John SEDGLY Deed 128 Land in York
1720, May 10 ALIN, Louis et ux. Lewis BANE Deed 7 Lands, tenements, housing, mills, or any estate within the town of Wells.
1715/6, Mar 23 ALLEN, Elisha John SMITH Deed 68 His town grant in York
1723, Apr. 20 ALLEN, Francis et ux. Renald JENKENS Deed 61 Seven acres of land in Kittery, also an additional lot.
1725, Nov. 12 ALLEN, Francis John TIDEY Deed 155 Land in Kittery
1726, Apr. 5 ALLEN, James Abiel HAMILTON Deed 43 Twenty acres of land in Kittery
1725, Apr. 15 ALLEN, Walter et ux Roger PLAISTEDr Deed 9 Three acres of land in Berwick
1725, Apr. 15 ALLEN, Wlater et ux. Grindal KNITE Deed 41 Two acres of meadow land in Berwick
1725, Aug. 24 AMORY, Thomas et ux. Job LEWIS Deed 182 Land on Misconcus River in Broad Bay.
1727, June 11 ATKINSON, Theodore Dominius JORDAN Quitclaim 169 Land in Falmouth
1727, Apr. 13 BABB, Joshua Arthur BRAGDON Quitclaim 133 Land and buildings in York
1727, Sep. 19 BAKER, John William MOODY Deed 172 Land S. W. side of York River
1726/7, Jan. 28 BALL, William William PEPPERELL, junior Decree 123 Tenement, etc. in Kittery
1727, Apr. 3 BANE, John et ux. Joseph BANE Deed 123 Land in York
1726, Nov. 23 BALSTON, Martha and Judith BALLARD Andrew SIMONTON Deed 161 Land in Falmouth
1726/7, Mar. 21 BANE, Joseph and others Samuel CAME Deed 112 Land in York
1727, May 25 BANE, Lewis et ux. Henry SIMPSON and Josiah LINSCOTT Deed 145 Land in York.
1727, Apr. 13 BANE, Lewis et ux. Robert OLIVER Deed 146 Land in York
1721/2, Jan. 17 BANFIELD, Sarah John TIDY Gift 106 Her interest in lands in Kittery
1727, Jun. 1 BANKS, Elizabeth and others John PERKINS Deed 141 Land in Arundel
1723/4, Jan. 25 BANKS, Job John PREBLE Deed 26 Two acres of land in York
1726, June 24 BANKS, Moses et ux. Nicholas SEWALL and Samuel BANKS Deed 139 Land in York
1720, Jun. 26 BARTON, John and James CAMPBELL Allison BROWN Deed 14 Four acres of marsh ground in Arundel
1724, Mar. 25 BARTON, John Allison BROWN Deed 14 Half part of one hundred acres of land in Arundel
1699, Dec. 1 BEAL, Arthur (or BEAD) William PEPPERRELL Deed 38 House and land in York
1726, Nov. 7 BEALL, Mary Zacheus TRAFTON Deed 79 Ten acres of land in York
1725, Oct. 18 BEALL, Obediah Zacheus TRAFTON Deed 32 Ten acres of land in York
1726, Nov. 4 BEALL, Obediah et ux. Mary BEALL Deed 77 Ten acres of land in York
1717, Nov. 8 BEAL, William Francis CARMAN and wife Gift 73 Three acres of his home lot in York
1725/6, Ma.r 14 BEAN, John John WHITTUM Deed 21 One third of ten acres of meadow in York
1727, May 1 BERRY, George William WALKER and wife Gift 175 Land in Kittery
1726, Sept. 3 BETHUNE, George Christian SNOWMAN Power of Atty. 91 House and lands on Arrowsick Island
1689, May 23 BETTERTON, Thomas Francis WATSON Deed 23 Several parcels of land on So. West side of Saco River.
1726/7, Jan. 3 BICKFORD, John et ux. Zebulon TRICKEY and others Deed 166 Land in Scarborough
1721, Dec. 27 BISH, John Stephen MINOT Deed 47 Quit claim of lands on Kennebeck River
1726, Sep. 8 BLACKLEDGE, Mary Joseph FREETHY Gift 55 Sixteen acres of land in Bass Cove.
1726, Jan. 6 BODEN, John et ux. John DARLING Deed 89 Land in Scarborough
1713, May 3 BOSTON, James and others Daniel BOSTON Quitclaim 130 Land in Wells
1726, Sep. 16 BOYNTON, Caleb et ux Samuel PREBLE Deed 93 Tract of land in York
1725/6, Mar. 25 BRAGDON, Arthur et ux. John WHITTUM Deed 20 Several nieces of land in York
1726, Dec. 6 BRAGDON, Arthur et ux. John GROVER Deed 88 Land on S. W. side of York River
1725, Dec. 25 BRAGDON, Joseph Jeremiah MOULTON and others Deed 126 Fresh marsh in York
1726, Jun. 6 BRAGDON, Samuel Joseph WEARE Deed 50 Estate at Cape Neddick
1720, Mar. 1 BROWN, Andrew Thomas PERKINS Agreem't 14 Settlement of bounds
1699, Dec. 26 BROWNE, Andrew William COTTON Deed 24 Parcel of land in Scarborough
1714, Mar. 20 BRAWN, George et ux. John TIDEY and John WHITTUM Deed 152 Land in Kittery
1722, Dec. 13 BRAWN, George Frances ALLEN Deed 153 Land in Kittery
1727, Jun. 7 BROWN, John Jonathan PUTNAM and others Deed 174 Land granted by William HILTON
1727, May 19 BROWNE, John Job LEWIS Deed 182 Land at Misconcus
1727, May 19 BROWN, John Job LEWIS Deed 183 Tract of land about 1000 acres at Misconcus
1726, Sep. 12 BROWN, Peter et ux Elias WEARE Deed 64 Right in estate of Peter WEARE of York
1727, Mar. 22 BRYANT, David Nathan KNIGHT Deed 160 Land in Scarborough
1727, May 1 BURRELL, Hannah William PEPPERRELL Court Order 177 Land in York granted to John BURRELL
1727, Apr. 6 CAME, Samuel et ux Robert OLIVER Deed 116 Land in York
1727, Apr. 13 CAME, Samuel Joseph SAYWORD Deed 119 Nineteenth part of mills, etc.
1727, June 8 CARLILE, John James PARKER Deed 179 'Land in North Yarmouth
1726, Jan. 3 CARR, James John BARTON Deed 87 Land in York
1724/5, Mar. 10 CARR, Samuel Edmund GOFFE Deed 96 House and land in Arundel
1722, Apr. 4 CHASE, Isaac et ux Ambros BARRY Deed 1`59 Land in Saco
1727, Sep. 7 CHUCKLEY, Samuel Timothy PROUT Deed 172 Upland and meadow in Scarborough
1726, Jul. 12 CHICK, Richard Nicholas MORRELL Deed 125 Salt marsh in Kittery
1718, June CHEWTE, James Thomas CHEWTE Gift 141 Land in Coxhall
1726, Mar. 17 CLARKE, Samuel et ux Nathaniel LEEMAN Deed 109 Land in York
1713/4, Jun. 26 COFFIN, Peter John GILLMAN Gift 75 Land purchased of Joshua PIERCE
1722, Jun. 11 COLMAN, Benjamin Mr. MILLIKEN Introduction 146 Scarborough
1726, Jul. 15 COTTON, Thomas Clement MESERVE and Daniel MOODY Deed 80 One hundred acres of land in Scarborough
1722, Jul. 10 COTTON, William and Martha WENTWORTH Roger PLAISTED Deed 11 Fifty acres of land in Berwick
1720, Mar. 1 COTTON, William John HARDISON and wife Gift 79 A tract of land in Black Point
1726, Jul. 15 COTTON, William Clement MESERVE and Daniel MOODY Deed 80 Lands bought of Andrew BROWN
1719, Sep. 1 COTTON, William Joseph HILL Deed 135 Land in Scarborough
1722, Aug. 30 COOKSON, John Samuel DENNY et ux. Deed 164 Land in Wenegans
1724, Apr. 6 COUCH, William Nathaniel HIX Deed 1 Twenty acres of land in the town of Kittery
1726/7, Feb. 14 COUSINS, Ichabod et ux. Richard BOOTHBY Deed 144 Land in Wells
1726, Jul. 22 COUSENS, John and others Ichabod COUSENS Quitclaim 134 Land in Wells
1726, Jul. 22 COUSENS, John Ichabod COUSENS Bond 136  
1727, Jun. 26 CRAFTS, Thomas James PITSON Deed 187 Home lot in North Yarmouth
1727, Oct. 2 CRAFT, Thomas Joseph CALEF Deed 187 Land in North Yarmouth
1727, Mar. 20 CREDIFER, Joseph et ux. John STORER Deed 134 Land in Wells
1726, Sep. 14 CUNNINGHAM, Ruth Elias WEARE Deed 64 Right in estate of Peter WEARE of York
1720, Oct. 2 CURTIS, Dodevah Withers BERRY Deed 20 Ninety-one acres of land in Kittery
1718, Nov. 18 CURTIS, Job et ux Samuel CURTIS Deed 149 Land in Wells
1724, Oct. 30 CUTTS, Richard et ux. Nathaniel LEACH Deed 13 Twenty-two acres of land in Kittery
1724/5, Feb. 10 CUTT, Robert Francis SMART Deed 35 Twenty acres of land in Kittery



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