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Groom Where from Bride Where from Intend Marr. Entd Married on Comments
Abbot, Aaron of York Allen, Elizabeth of Wells Sep. 23, 1784    
Abbot, Elias of Berwick Lewis, Sophia, Miss of York     (See Note 7)
Abbot, Thomas of York Baker, Ellis of York Aug. 1, 1778    
Abbott, Walter, Jr. of S. Berwick Allen, Elizabeth, Miss of York Oct. 16, 1826 Jan. 19, 1827* *Certificate issued
   (The following is in the hands
   of Alexander McInrie:)
Ackerman, John of Portsmouth Dill, Margery of York July 8, 1769    
Adams, David of YOrk Wilson, Sukey of York Jun. 10, 1809    
Adams, Ezekiel of York Webber, Dorothy of York Jan. 1, 1779   (erasure)
Adams, George of York Moore, Nancy, Miss of York May 12, 1823 Feb. 14, 1824* *Certificate issued
Adams, George   Moore, Nancy   Mar. 11, 1824*   *Solemnized
   (Signed by Solomon Brooks,
   Apr. 3, 1824 -
   Attest by Charles O. Emerson,
   Town Clerk
Adams, James of York Card, Dorcas of York June 2, 1798    
Adams, John of York Babb, Miriam of York Mar. 31, 1792 Aug. 14, 1792 by Rev. Mr. Isaac Lyman
Adams, Richard G., Mr. of York Johnston, Patience, Miss of York Mar. 14, 1828 Apr. 5, 1828 *Certificate issued
Adams, William of York Sally Hutchins of York Oct. 20, 1788 Nov. 13, 1788 Rev. Samuel Langton
Addams, Jonathan of Sanford Adams, Dorcas of York Jul. 20, 1802    
Alden, Peter Oliver of Brunswick Lyman, Mindwell of York Sep. 23, 1800    
Allen, Eliljah of Wells Gordon, Paulina of York Apr. 30, 1800    
Allen, Elisha, junr of Wells Blaisdell, Elizabeth of York Oct. 26, 1798    
Allen, Jonathan, Mr. of York Raynes, Hannah, Miss of York Sep. 28, 1809    
Allen, Joseph P.(See Note 8) of Dudley, Mass Nowell, Mary of York Nov. 4, 1826 Feb. 17, 1827* (The following is in the hand of
   Alexander McInire:)
   *Certificate issued
Allen, Jotham of Wells Trafton, Tabitha of York Jul. 10, 1788 Au.g 28, 1788 by Rev. Isaac Lyman
Allen, Samuel of York Abbot, Dorcas of York May 19, 1787 Jun. 21, 1787 Revd. Saml. Langton
Andros, Henry of York Philbrook, Sally of York Oct. 27, 1787 Nov. 8, 1787 by Rev. Isaac Lyman
Armstrong, James (See Note 9) of Boston Simpson, Sarah, Miss of York Oct. 19, 1826 Nov. 2, 1826* *Certificate issued
Austen, Benja of York Moulton, Deborah of York Dec. 3, 1785   (erasure)
Austin, Benjamin of York Preble, Abigial of York Oct. 21, 1797    
Austin, Ichabod of York Susanna Young of York Dec. 30, 1769   (erasure)
Austin, Joseph, Jr. of York Woodward, Olive of York Jan. 27, 1776 Feb. 15, 1776 Revd. Saml. Langton
Austin, Joseph of York Haskell, Sally, Miss res. in York Aug. 9, 1811    
Austin, Matthew of York Ramsdell, Abigail of York Sep. 7, 1798    
Austin, Timothy, Mr. of York Junkins, Mary, Miss of York Jan. 19, 1828 Feb. 23, 1828 *Certificate issued
Averell, Job of York Simpson, Margt of York May 11, 1776   (erasure)
Averill, James of York Wilson, Sarah of York May 25, 1805    
Averill, James of York Eastman, Dolly of Wells Jun. 24, 1806    
Averill, Joseph of York Bragdon, Mehitable of York Nov. 24, 1803    
Avery, Daniel of York Webber, Louis (sic), Miss of York Jul. 30, 1825 Aug. 9, 1825* *Certificate issued
   (Joined in marriage Aug. 11, 1825
   by Ch's. O. Emerson, JP)
Avery, David, Jr. of York Bridges, Olive, Miss of York Oct. 7, 1824 Aug. 19, 1825* *Certificate issued (Joined in
   marriage Aug. 19, 1825 by
   Solomon Brooks, JP
   - appears to be in the
   hand of Solomon Brooks)
Avery, Joseph of York Nole, Nancy, Miss of Hampton Oct. 22, 1825    
Avery, Richard of York Sayer, Mary of Wells Dec. 8, 1792    
Avery, Samuel, Junr of York Kearswell, Sarah of York Jul. 21, 1796    
Avery, Solomon of York Barns, Hannah of York Dec. 12, 1772 Dec. 25, 1772 David Sewall, Esqr.
Avery, Solomon of York Stover, Eunice of York Apr. 14, 1801    



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